11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company G

Recruited at Muncy, Lycoming County
Mustered in April 23, 1861



John N. Bowman Captain
William A. Buner First Lieutenant
Joseph Cartlege Second Lieutenant
Benjamin F. Keefer First Sergeant
William J. Wood Second Sergeant
Henry Stulen Third Sergeant
Samuel Hartranft Fourth Sergeant
John V. Reader First Corporal
George W. Webb Second Corporal
Robert B. Burrows Third Corporal
Ellis Betts Fourth Corporal
Allen Watson Musician
George H. Wykoff Musician
Albright, Hubley Private 
Baker, David H. Private
Baker, Elmer H. Private
Bechtel, George W. Private
Bowman, Charles M. Private
Buskirk, William H. Private
Bly, William S. Private
Bly, David Private
Cares, William M. Private
Corson, Edward G. Private
Cummings, William A. Private
Cummings, James Private
DeHass, John Private
Dentler, Charles A. Private
Dinious, Henry   Private
Doctor, George W. Private
Eltringham, Marks Private
Feister, Daniel Private
Fegler, David Private
Flack, William Private
Frederick, James W. Private
Geer, Francis M. Private
Green, Isaiah Private
Haas, William Private
Heiny, Edward. Private
Hess, Jacob Private
Hill, Israel L. Private
Hines, James Private
Horlocker, Daniel Private
Jarrett, James Private
Johnson, Sanford Private
Krisler, Simon M. Private
Levan, Russel Private
M'Cune, Robert H. Private
Messinger, Isaac Private
Metzager, George W. Private
Miller, William B. C. Private
Moore, John F. Private
Moyer, John H. Private
M'Carty, William. Private
M'Cae, Bernard Private
M'Intyre, John Private
Painter, Joseph D. Private
Peterman, Jacob. Private
Richards, Benjamin F. Private
Risk, William H. Private
Reeser, James Private
Renz, Jacob Private
Sevison, Harmon A. Private
Shoemaker, William H. Private
Shoemaker, Charles P. Private
Smith, Joseph A. Private
Stadler, Tilghman Private
Troxel, Benjamin F. Private
Updegraff, Daniel Private
Vandyke, William Private
Walton, James, Jr. Private
Webb, Edmund E. Private
Webb, Jacob S. Private
Wells, Theodore C. Private
Whitlock, William K. Private
Westly, Daniel Private
Wilson, William Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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