11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company F

Recruited at Sunbury, Northumberland County
Mustered in April 23, 1861



Charles J. Bruner Captain
J. P. Shindle Gobin First Lieutenant
Joseph H. M'Carty Second Lieutenant
John E. M'Carty First Sergeant
Charles J. Pleasants Second Sergeant
S. Herman Helper Third Sergeant
Jacob Rohrbach Fourth Sergeant
Samuel P. Bright First Corporal
Charles D. Wharton Second Corporal
Daniel Oyster. Third Corporal
William Byers Fourth Corporal
Henry D. Wharton Musician
Jacob Weiser Musician
Alwiser, Henry Private
Arbiter, Julius Private
Brosious, Jared Private
Bucher, Henry Private
Brooks, Robert Private
Bartscher, Samuel Private
Brisbon, William M. Private
Bright, Joseph Private
Beckley, Alfred Private
Bright, Benjamin F. Private
Carr, Francis Private
Covert, Wilson J. Private
Christ, William Private
Drisel, Henry Private
Dome, Lewis Private
Druckamiller, David Private
Driselinger, Joseph Private
Edge, William. Private
Eyster, Samuel Private
Feight, Jacob Private
Golding, Stephen Private
Giddes, Benjamin W. Private
Gussler, Peter S. Private
Haas, Albert Private
Hunter, Allen Private
Heddings, Elias Private
Irwin, Jared C. Private
Keihl, George Private
Michael, Daniel Private
M'Farland, Charles Private
Myers, Sylvester Private
Martin, William Private
M'Clusky, John Private
Metz, Ephraim Private
Martin, Robert Private
Messner, John Private
Millhouse, William H. Private
Myres, Mahlon Private
Newbaker, Philip Private
Oyster, George Private
Pill, Frederick Private
Quitschliber, Henry Private
Robins, Albert. Private
Ramsey, Reuben Private
Roderigue, Aristides Private
Rohrback, Lloyd T. Private
Reiser, Eugene Private
Schrank, Frederick Private
Smith, Hugh Private
Snyder, John Private
Stewart, Charles W. Private
Seidel, John E. Private
Smith, Joseph Private
Starkloff, Earnest Private
Schall, Christian Private
Stedman, William Private
Swoop, Charles Private
Tucker, George Private
Voike, William. Private
Weitzel, Lot B. Private
Weyman, George Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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