11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company E

Recruited at Pittston, Luzerne County
Mustered in April 23, 1861



John B. Johnson Captain
John B. Fish First Lieutenant
Thomas DeKetta Second Lieutenant
William E. Sees First Sergeant
Samuel Hodgdon Second Sergeant
William C. Blair Third Sergeant
Francis C. Woodhouse Fourth Sergeant
Jacob Fell First Corporal
George Cleaver Second Corporal
Cornelius Vanscoy Third Corporal
Charles F. Stewart Fourth Corporal
James D. Giddings Musician
Thomas Helm Musician
Aulbert, Henry Private
Bird, Charles Private
Beard, Samuel Private
Barnes, Ervin S. Private
Benedick, John S. Private
Bradley, Alfred B. Private
Blair, John Private
Berry, Edward H. Private
Creamer, Abraham Private
Creamer, David Private
Chamberlain, George Private
Coggins, Bartholomew Private
Curry, Patrick D. Private
Cummings, Jeffrey Private
Carlin, Asa J. Private
Crawford, William H. Private
Davis, John Private
Dunkley, James Private
Decker, Charles Private
Elbridge, Henry W. Private
Fausnaught, William Private
Ferris, William B. Private
Gilmore, Thomas F. Private
Hoffman, Thomas Private
Hedden, Nelson Private
Hampton, Joseph D. Private
Hunter, James P. Private
High, Robert Private
Hamilton, Charles Private
Humphreys, John W. Private
Jones, Joseph Private
Jarrett, John Private
Kelley, John B. Private
Lamberson Aaron Private
Lowder, Frank Private
Leader, Henry Private
Mackey, John Private
Morgan, James Private
Miller, James Private
Newhard, David Private
Plant, William Private
Perkins, John Private
Powers, James Private
Russell, William L. Private
Russell, Thomas Private
Repass, Milton B. Private
Robinson, Thomas Private
Schooley, Edward Private
Smith, James E. Private
Shepherd, John A. Private
Shannon, John Private
Smith, Martin M. Private
Snyder, John Private
Stiles, Daniel R. Private
Small, William H. Private
Taylor, Daniel Private
Thomlinson, John Private
Vanderbergh, Charles Private
Wagoner, Lewis Private
Williams, Daniel Private
Williamson, David H. Private
Williams, William Private
Wagoner, James Private
Wiley, David B. Private
Welsh, Edward Private
Ward, Harrison B. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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