11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company D

Recruited at Williamsport, Lycoming County
Mustered in April 23, 1861



William B. Shaut Captain
F. Asbury Awl First Lieutenant
John H. Price Second Lieutenant
William Fitzgerald First Sergeant
Woodrow Spein Second Sergeant
Henry C. Gage Third Sergeant
William H. Gosline Fourth Sergeant
Lewis G. Titus First Corporal
Wilson Miller Second Corporal
Isaac A. Simpler Third Corporal
George Karcher Fourth Corporal
James B. Welchanner Musician
Adam Stine Private
Ault, Peter Private
Andrews, Joseph Private
Bailden, George Private
Barr, William M. Private
Brennan, Frank Private
Brennan, John Private
Beard, Christian S. Private
Cornell, John B. Private
Carnochan, William Private
Coolbaugh, Edwin Private
Colb, Charles Private
Driscoll, John Private
Deal Alfred Private
DeWitt, William Private
Espenschade, Joseph T. Private
Forseman, Seth T. Private
Fisher, William S. Private
Green, Luther W. Private
Gage, Arthur Private
Grimes, Robert H. Private
Hanner, Frederick. Private
Hartman, Jacob R. Private
Keen, Thomas E. Private
Kimble, Smith W. Private
Long, Joshua A.                       Private
Longan, Boyd C. Private
Layman, Alfred A. Private
Martin, John H. Private
M'Laughlin, James Private
Millspaugh, Thomas. Private
Morris, Frank Private
Mulhall, James Private
Marley, John Private
Milliken, Charles Private
Miller, George R. Private
Misenbaugh, Anthony Private
M'Neal, Samuel Private
Parsons, James W. P. Private
Pearce, Thomas C. Private
Pott, Lorenzo D. Private
Pearce, William Private
Prettylief, Henry Private
Pearce, Charles M. Private
Page, George Private
Runyon, Thomas Private
Rorabaugh, S. Edwin Private
Rakes, Benjamin E Private
Simon, Conrad Private
Slade, Edwin E. Private
Snyder, Jesse D. Private
Stephens, Charles. Private
Shuler, Peter Private
Showers, Alexander S. Private
Strine, Thomas. Private
Thompson, John M. Private
Taylor, Thomas S. Private
Thatcher, John W. Private
Tanner, Benjamin T. Private
Van Horn, William. Private
Wilkinson, Christopher. Private
Whipple, Spencer. Private
White, George W. Private
Wise, Elan L. Private
Young, Abram. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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