11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company C

Recruited at Mill Hall, Clinton County
Mustered in April 25, 1861



Henry M. Bossert Captain
William F. Crispin First Lieutenant
Daniel Wolf Second Lieutenant
John G. Wesner First Sergeant
John Curran Second Sergeant
John S. Snodgrass Third Sergeant
John J. Bressler Fourth Sergeant
John T. Hunter. First Corporal
Solomon S. Brown Second Corporal
James E. Caldewood Third Corporal
William A Caldewood Fourth Corporal
Ammerman, John E. Private
Bottorf, Irwin Private
Bartholomew, Enos Private
Bottorf, Henry Private
Brewer, Andrew J. Private
Bowers, Andrew J. Private
Brown, Jacob Private
Brewer, Greenbury B. Private
Butcher, William G. Private
Bartholomew, Aquila Private
Boylen, Michael D. Private
Crispen, John W. Private
Callahan, William. Private
Carter, John W. Private
Chatham, Alexander Private
Castlebury, John F. Private
Cridler, William. Private
Cridler, Abraham. Private
Clay, Jacob B.. Private
Dehaas, James Private
Dunlap, Charles Private
Danah, William D. Private
Elder, Wilson Private
Flanaghan, James Private
Flanaghan, John S. Private
Ferry, John Private
Gross, Daniel. Private
Grove, William P. Private
Ghear, David A. Private
Hunter, Albert H. Private
Hutchinson, James W. Private
Hollingsworth, William Private
Jones, William P. Private
Jones, William Private
Kessinger, DeWitt C. Private
Kessinger, Francis M. Private
Kahler, Henry Private
Kessinger, Jacob Private
Lee, Andrew Private
M'Cormick, William Private
Mincer, Mark Private
Mahen, Samuel Private
Miller, Thomas A Private
M'Cann, William. Private
Martin, Albert Private
Pickering, John Private
Richardson, William N. Private
Repass, Jerome Private
Sollars, William Private
Stover, Philip D. Private
Swartz, Joseph C. Private
Shook, Joseph Private
Shiley, Adam Private
Smith, Matthew Private
Stewart, Andrew P Private
Shirk, James. Private
Toby, Oscar Private
Taylor, Samuel M Private
Vennatta, Robert Private
Wagner, David Private
Watkins, John Private
Wilson, John H Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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