11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company B

Recruited at Lock Haven, Clinton County
Mustered in April 26, 1861



Benjamin K. Jackman Captain
William Shanks First Lieutenant
Thomas C. Lebo Second Lieutenant
Edward D. Williams First Sergeant
John H. Davis Second Sergeant
George M. Dickinson Third Sergeant
Flavius J. Cro Fourth Sergeant
Anthony W. Saltzman First Corporal
Henry F. Tammany Second Corporal
Alexander S. Ennis Third Corporal
Joseph Meredith Fourth Corporal
Charles W. Housell Musician
George M. Repass Musician
Adams, Charles W. Private
Agnew, Thomas Private
Bisbing, Thomas B. Private
Butterbaugh, George W. Private
Burse, Joseph M. Private
Bisel, George W. Private
Becker, James F. Private
Blackburn, Alexander. Private
Canfield, James A. Private
Cammans, Michael. Private
Clark, Benjamin F. Private
Condon, Patrick. Private
Dubbs, Hiram N. Private
Davis, William A. Private
Dewees, Ambrose B. Private
Finney, William H. Private
Furl, William. Private
Fargus, Henry D. Private
Fleming, William A. Private
Gibbs, Calvin F. Private
Gray, Isaiah Private
Goodwin, Samuel C. Private
Graham, William H. Private
Huston, Charles F. M. Private
Hamaker, Marion F. Private
Houghtaling, Joel Private
Haines, Benjamin F. Private
Hanna, David P. Private
Johnson, DeWitt C. Private
Jodon, Flavel G. Private
Kinne, Robert L. Private
Kint, Henry J. Private
Lind, Charles Private
Lebo, John G. Private
Logue, James Private
Lane, Gilbert H. Private
Miller, Charles F. Private
Morrison, William Private
Medary, Benjamin F. Private
M'Mahon, Francis Private
M'Mahon, Peter Private
Morris, Horace P. Private
Moyer, Mifflin R. Private
Manier, George E. Private
Newbury, George W. Private
Polinger, William P. Private
Poorman, Thomas A. Private
Peters, Henry W. Private
Parsons, George W. Private
Ruell, Joseph Private
Rowland, William H. Private
Scott, James H. Private
Sayers, Charles H. Private
Shaffer, John P. Private
Tobin, Charles Private
Thibault, Maglory Private
Tracey, John Private
Tapp, George Private
Truesdell, Harrison Private
Thompson, Alexander Private
Winter, Frederick B. Private
Wheelock, Albert H. Private
Walters, Clement Private
Williams, John Private
White, Beverly W. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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