List of Killed and Wounded
(at the Battle of the Wilderness)

Source:  Brookville Republican, May 18 and May 25, 1864

Courtesy of Patricia Steele

May 18, 1864: The following are all the Jefferson County killed and wounded we have been able to find in the City dailies.  We can find no casualties reported in Co. K, 11th Reserves, or in either of our companies in the 148th; but Capt. Marlin writes that the latter was badly cut up.  The brave 105th has suffered terribly, as will be seen by the list below; but these we fear will not comprise half the casualties sustained by it. 

The gallant Captains Clyde [William J. Clyde, Company A] and Hamilton [James Hamilton, Company I] were reported killed, though we hope it may prove untrue.  If it has been their lot to fall, the country has lost two of her bravest officers—Capt. Clyde will be deeply regretted throughout our county, but especially will he be mourned by his widowed mother, whom this was has now bereft of two noble sons. 

We learn that Col. Craig’s family have received word from him that he is wounded in the face, and may recover.  We rejoice to hear this and hope that this truly brave officer will be spared to his country and friends. 

Since writing the above we learn from the Meadville Republican, that dispatch had been received by Capt. Hamilton’s father, stating that this Captain was killed in action on the 10th by a ball through the head.   

May 25, 1864:  We've added all the names we have been able to obtain of the killed and wounded from this county to the list published last week.  Capt. Barr writes, under date of 17th inst., that there are but 7 officers and 100 men left in the 105th fit for duty.  Capt. Barr was slightly wounded in the shoulder, but is still on active duty.  We can learn little in regard to our other companies.

Casualties of the 105th 

Wounded:  Colonel C. A. Craig, severely; Lt. Col. J. W. Greenawalt; Maj. L B. Duff; Adjt. [Adjutant] Jos. Craig. 

Company A 

Killed:  Capt. W. J. Cyde, Chas. Bender

WoundedLieut. A. B. Mitchell, Sergt. Robt. Jordan, J. B. McGinnis, Philip Wining, J. H. Jordan, J. Litzell. B. F. Rolls, B. C. Smith, James Mogel, Wesley Hoover. 

Company B   

Killed:  James C. Dowling, Charles Lyle, John Geesey.

WoundedLiberty Burns, in thigh, since died; Cyrus J. Gears, in throat; Jos. Combs, Wm. M. Jones, C. Baker, C. A. Shaffer, Joseph Geers, in shoulder; B. F. Lurch, since dead; John A. McLain, McCurdy Hunter, John Webster, F. W. Pierce.

Company C 

Thos. Rockwell, Robt. Owens, D. R. Shannon, Corp. Chas. C. Weaver, J. Hollopeter, J. M. Miller, A. Steward Orr, Sam'l Kifer, J. E. Laurty, Andrew Harley. 

Company D 

Capt. Isaac Platt, Lieut. Jas. Sylvis, B. F. Alexander, Darius Vasbinder, John R. Shaffer, U. Bosburbin, W. C. McGarvey. 

Company E 

Sergt. Jas. M. Shoaf, A. Kenley, Wm. J. Crise, John G. Felger, Thos. A. Kenley, David Snowden, H. South, Wm. Byerly..   

Company F

Capt. John Dougherty, Lieut. Wm. Kimple, Geo. Hall, G. W. McFadden.

Company G  

Killed:  Sergt. G. W. Hawthorne, Phillip Shrauger, Conrad Shoaffstall, Isaac Reitz. 

Wounded:  Peter Skagle, slightly; Geo. Sauman, leg off; J. W. Walker, H. J. Milligan, Sergt. A. J. Monks, Corp. E. P. Shaw, Wm E. Hawthorn, Phillip H. Freas, John H. Fike, Jacob Friedline, Sergt. John Startzel, Henry Shaffer, J. Richards, S. Henderson, A. Peters, Jackson Hetrick, J. P. Smith, D. Keller, Hiram Milliron, John Rhodes, Louis Straightwell, H. Ditterman, Michael Strawcutter, J. F. Grathwort, Jacob Swab. 

(Co. G went into the fight men with forty men and lost thirty.) 

Company H    

Killed:  Robert Morrison, D. G. Carl

Wounded:  Sergt. Jos. M. Green, Corp. S. McGee, Andrew Smith, W. S. Green, Jas. H. Reed, Sampson Kirker, Franklin Griffiths, W. Anthony, Wm. Mulkins, Jos. Craig, Jos. McGee, P. Wensell, Jas. H. Reed, since died; W. Welch, H. Faverly, William Faust, Jos. L. Conn, H. C. Wilkoff, D. F. Hanaker.

Company I  

Killed:  Capt. Jas. Hamilton, John Burglas.

Wounded:  Corp. Fred Trappe, J. Royal, Wm. A. Miller, Daniel Brown, Sergt. John McGiffin, slightly; Corp. J. R. D. Say, W. H. Gray, Wm. A. Millen, Wm. C. Millen, Robt. Millen, Jas. Corbett.

Company K   

Killed:  J. T. Swisher, W. H. H. Giles, Wm. Brindle.

Wounded:  Lieut. Jas. Miller, severely; Aug. W. Kearns, Wm. Henry, Jas. Gale, Geo. Anderson, Dan'l Shomber, John McGahey, John Gold, Wm. C. Williams.

(Co. K went into the fight on Thursday, the 12th inst., with only 21 men and of these lost 3 killed and 12 wounded.) 

Company Not Designated:  Wm. Wilson, David H. Brown, Franklin Griffiths.

Casualties in the 148th

Company E

Wounded:  S. K. Gearhart, David Gearhart, Dan'l Smith, Geo. Timlen, Corp. M. C. Allison, R. J. Brissman, Erastus King, John Swynkoop, H. Friday, David Irvin, Henry Young, J. A. Commirst, David Lackharf, Chas. W. Law

Company I

Wounded:  Lieut. John McGuire, on the morning of the 12th inst., died on the 13th; John M. Davis, J. M. Love, F. Whiteman,

Casualties in Company I of the 62nd    

Killed:  Jas. L. McKee

Wounded:  Capt. John T. Bell, Mathew Griffith, Sylvanus Covell, David McKee, in both legs; Wm. I. Watts, Dennis Andrews, Jas. Conway, Johial Vasbinder, Ira McElhose, L. Cobb.

Casualties of in Co. K, 11th Pa. Reserves

Killed:  Capt. Ed. Scofield

Wounded:  Robt. Marshall, Leroy Stewart

Casualties of the U. S. S. [Sharp] S. [Shooters] 

Isaac G. Miller, Corp. F. Rumbarger 

Casualties of the 65th New York, Company D  

W. W. Perry (son of R. T. Perry, of Ringgold) in shoulder.






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