Casualties of the
105th Pennsylvania Volunteers
June 1864

Source: The Brookville Republican, June 22, 1864.

As usual the loss in the 105th during the battles before Petersburg has been very heavy. Major L. B. Duff was wounded in a charge on the 18th, while bearing the colors of the Regiment in his hand. He was taken to Washington, where his leg was amputated close to the hip joint. We trust he will recover for his is a truly brave officer.

Captain J[ohn]. C. Conser of Co. H was wounded, and died in the 2d Corps Hospital on the 18th. In his death Jefferson County has lost one of her bravest soldiers. The blow will fall with crushing force upon his family.

Since writing the above we learn that Capt. Conser is not dead, but severely wounded. (Note: Captain Conser recovered from these wounds and went on to be killed at the Boydton Plank Road, October 27, 1864.)

Lieut. H[arvey]. R. M'Aninch, Co. G, was wounded in the arm; Lieut. A[lex.] H. MItchell, Co. A, in leg; Lieut. Geo. C. Patterson. E.

We learn from a letter written on the 19th by Capt. Barr to his father that Andrew Christie, of Co. D, was killed in a charge on the 17th, and that J. E. H. M'Garey (son of Wm. M'Garey, of Rose Township) of Co. B, lost a leg.

In addition to the above we find the following names of wounded in our city dailies: John Tenylep, E, in side; Wilton Adams, K, in thigh; J. B. Hirst, E, in face; Irvin Robinson, F, in thigh, flesh wound.

The following died in the Second Corps Hospital, June 17th and 18th: Sergt. S. T. Hadden, Co. A; A. M. Preson, B; Jno. A. Kingling, E; M. Krepps, E; S. Burkhart, E; J. Yingling, D; John H. M'Cleary.

Capt. Barr says: "We have lost five officers and thirty men in the last two days. Captain Patten commands the regiment, and he and myself are the only two officers left out of twenty that we started with.






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