Official List of Casualties
in the 105th Pennsylvania Volunteers
May 1864

Source:  Brookville Republican, August 3, 1864

Courtesy of Patricia Steele

105th Pa. Volunteers
Camp in the Flats, May 31st 1864
List of Killed, Wounded, and Missing in the 105th Pa. Volunteers from May 5th through May 31st 1864.

Commissioned Officers Killed

Captain James Hamilton, Co. I, May 5th
Captain W[illiam]. J. Clyde, Co. A., May 6th.

Commissioned Officers Wounded

Colonel C. A. Craig, severely in face, May 6 
Lt. Col. J. W. Greenawalt, mortally in side, died May 17 
Adj[utant]. Jos. Craig, severely, head, May 6 
1st Lt. A. H. Mitchell, Co. A, slightly in face, May 12 
1st Lt. Joseph C. Kelso, Co. B, severely in shoulder, May 24 
Capt. C. E. Patton, Co. C, slightly, thigh, May 10 
Capt. J. L. Platt, Co. D, injured in side, May 12 
2d Lt. Jas. Sylvis, Co. D, severely in breast, May 5 
Capt. John Dougherty, Co. F, severely in hip, May 12 
2d Lt. Wm. Simple, Co. F., slight in leg, May 6 
1st Lt. Jos. Miller, Co. E, severely in arm, May 5 
1st Lt. Wm. Hewitt, Co. C., severely, May 12th.

Enlisted Men Killed

Corp. Wm. C. McKee, Co. A, May 5
C. S. Bender, Co. A., May 5
Serg't. Jos. C. Dowling, Co. B, May 5
P. A. Atwell, Co. B, May 5
C. S. McCaulley, Co. B, May 5
Philip Smith, Co. C., May 5
J. E. Lafferty, Co. C, May 6
Gursham Saxton, Co. D, May 5
J. Rapherd, Co. D., May 5
G. L. Reilly, Co. D, May 5
Corp. Amizi Parks, Co. E, May 5
Alex. M'Clintock, Co. E, May 5
Corp. Ira F. Watt, Co. F, May 5
Davis Willard, Co. F, May 5
Chas. Lyle, Co. F., May 5
Serg't. G. W. Hawthorn, Co. G., May 5
Corp. Wm. H. Smith, Co. G May 5
Philip Shrauger, Co. G. May 5
Conrad Shoafstall, Co. G, May 5
Isaac Reitz, Co. G, May 5
Serg't James Millen, Co. H., May 5
Corp. John Neil, Co. H, May 5
Wm. Malkins, Co. H, May 5
Rob't. Morrison, Co. H., May 12
Daniel G. Carl, Co. H, May 5
Serg't Marbias Manner, Co. I, May 5
Phillip Kitchen, Co. I, May 6
Enos Shirts, Co. I, May 5
M. Withnech, Co. I, May 5
John R. Robinson, Co. I, May 6
John Burgess, Co. I, May 5
Serg't J. F. Swisher, Co. K, May 5
Corp. W. G. Brindle, Co. K,
May 5; W. H. H. Giles, K, May 5.

Enlisted Men Wounded

Company A 

Serg't. Peter W. Hoover, hand slight, May 5th
Michael Coon, hand severe, May 5th
E. H. Haskins, leg severe, May 5th
B. F. Rolls, arm, May 5th
G. W. Davis, leg severe, May 5th
B. C. Smith, head slight, May 5th
W. F. Campbell, thigh severe, May 5th
W. W. Crissman, leg severe, May 6th
F. W. Grove, thigh severe, May 6th
Robt. Jordan, side severe, May 6th
J. C. Kelley, ankle severe, May 6th
J. H. London, head severe, May 6th
John McHenry, leg severe, May 6th
J. K. Lyles, arm slight, May 6th
J. K. Litzell, arm slight, May 6th
Phillip Winning, neck severe, May 5th
T. M. Gibson, neck and side, severe, May 12th

Company B

1st Serg't W. N. Pierce, foot, severe, May 6
Serg't J. J. Gussey, mortally, May 5, since died
Corp. Jos. Baughman, both sides severe, May 23
Liberty Burns, both thighs, May 4, since died
Joseph Coon, arm severe, May 4
Jonathan Dixon, arm slight, May 4
Cyrus J. Gears, hand slight, May 4
Jos. A. Geere, hand slight, May 4
McCurdy Hunter, leg severe, May 4
John A. McLain, thigh severe, May 4
Asa M. Preston, neck severe, May 23
John Jacuz, side slight, May 5
Wm. McCutchern, leg severe, May 5
Charles Paulman, arm severe, May 5
George Smith, place not know, May 5
D. B. Vasbinder, hand severe, May 6
Serg't. J. J. Parsons, breast slight, May 12
John Webster, breast severe, May 5.

Company C

1st Serg't. Addison Law, ankle severe, May 23
Serg't. W. P. Lowry, thigh severe, May 5
Serg't. A. A. Barley, hand and thigh severe, May 12
Corp. C. C. Weaver, arm severe, May 5
Corp. Steward Orr, head severe, May 5
T. M. Buckwalter, hand severe, May 5
David Dugan, breast slight, May 5
J. W. P. Holipeter, hand slight, May 5
George Hilbert, thigh severe, May 5
Samuel Kifer, face severe, May 12
T. M. Mitchell, arm severe, May 5
Robert Owens, arm severe, May 5
Jonathan Pierce, thigh broken, May 6
David Potter, hand severe, May 18
Samuel Mays, breast slight, May 5
W. W. Speedy, side slight, May 5
D. R. Shannon, side severe, May 5
T. W. Watkins, ankle severe, May 6
J. T. Witherow, arm slight, May 5
Joseph Reinsel, shoulder slight, May 6.

Company D 

Serg't. Milton Craven, severe, right arm off, May 5
Corp. Chas. Hoel, right arm off, May 10
Philip Black, side severe, May 5
J. B. Corbett, place not known, May 6
Edward Knapp, leg severe, May 5 Wm. C. McGarvey, place not known, May 5
David Mulholland, thigh severe, May 5
D. R. Snyder, thigh broken, May 6
J. K. Shaffer, leg slight, May 5
Darius Vasbinder, arm slight, May 6
Wm. Wilson, face slight, May5
H. C. Wykoff, arm and leg, slight, May 12
S. B. Riggs, arm slight, May 5
George Tingling, arm and face severe, May 5.

Company E

John Beaumount, leg severe, May 5
Serg't. Geo. F. Demick, leg severe, May 6
Corp. Wm. Christy, hip severely, May 5
Wm. Byerly, leg slight, May 5
John G. Felger, leg slight, May 5
Rob't. Bankert, leg slight, May 10
Jas. S. Johnston, side and arm severe, May 6
T. A. Kenlay, foot slight, May 5
Wm. Smith, arm off, May 10.

Company F

W. H. H. Anthony, side slight, May 5
G. K. Hall, arm severe, May 5
G. W. McFadden, hand slight, May 5
S. G. Pasada, breast severe, May 5
Jas. F. Shaffer, hand slight, May 5
B. J. Jewart, head severe, May 5, since died
David Ammon, thigh severe, May 5
Thomas Neal, head severe, May 13
James P. Smith, hand slight, May 23.

Company G

Serg't. Jacob H. Freese, shoulder slight, May 13
Serg't. James W. Wilson, leg off, May 5
Serg't. John Startzell, leg severe, May 5
Serg't. J. Monks, shoulder slight, May 6
Corp. E. P. Shaw, thigh severe, May 5
Peter Slagle, side slight, May 5
Anthony Peters, ankle slight, May 5
Geo. Sauerman, ankle severe, since died, May 5
Jacob Friedline, shoulder severe, May 5
Phillip H. Freaes, side severe, May 5
John H. Fike, side severe, May 5
J. L. Grathwell, breast severe, May 12
Hiram J. Milliron, leg severe, May 5
Jacob Nease, head severe, May 5
Jacob Hearek, head severe, May 6
Albert Habsbeck, foot severe, May 5
H. N. Milliron, shoulder severe, May 23
Samuel Henderson, leg slight, May 5
F. S. Hawthorn, leg slight, May 5
W. R. Hawthorn, foot slight, May 5
David Keller, face severe, May 5
John Richards, hip slight, May 6
J. D. Rhodes, breast severe, May 5
M. V. Shaffer, leg severe, May 5
N. P. Sprankle, face severe, May 6
David Snowden, leg severe, May 5
Jacob Swab, thigh severe, May 12
John P. Smith, arm, hand and shoulder, May 6
Michael Strawcutter, leg severe, May 6.

Company H

Serg't. F. Kilgore, both thighs, severe, May 23, since died
Corp. James McGhee, shoulder severe, May 6
Jos. L. Conn, ankle severe, May 12
Rob't. Feverly, side severe, May 5
Wm. Foust, both thighs, severe, May 5
Wm. Green, hand slight, May 5
Frank Griffith, neck severely, May 5
Samson Kirker, leg slight, May 5
James Penfield, thigh severe, May 12
Jos. H. Reid, ankle severe, May 6, since died
Andrew Smith, arm slight, May 5
William Welsh, shoulder slight, May 5
H. F. Hamaker, face and shoulder severe, May 10.

Company I

1st Serg't. Henry Galbraith, thigh severe, May 23
Serg't. Joe McGiffin, head slight, May 5
Serg't. J. H. Kennedy, breast slight, May 6
Corp. Fred Trappe, leg slight, May 6
Corp. W. Taye, side severe, May 5, since died
B. F. Lerch, thigh severe, May 5, since died
Eli McGaugh, hip, severe, May 5
Jno. B. Say, side severe, May 5
David Crisswell, leg slight, May 5
Samuel Davis, leg severe, May 12
Jno. Boyer, knee severe, May 6
Daniel Brown, side slight, May 6
Riley Siverly, leg slight, May 6
Wm. C. Millen, leg slight, May 12
Wm. A. Millen, arm slight, May 5
H. Shaffer, arm slight, May 5
Fred Swentzel, leg slight, May 23
Dan'l. Friedline, face slight, May 23
Robert Millen, arm slight, May 10
Henry Gray, arm slight, May 5th.

Company K 

Serg't. Jno. W. Brown, thigh severe, May 29
Serg't. G. J. Reed, thigh severe, May 5
Corp. John McGahey, leg slight, May 5
G. A. Anderson, leg severe, May 5
John Gold, hand slight, May 5
Samuel Bruner, leg danerously, May 5
Martin Davis, shoulder severe, May 5
Wm. Henry, arm slight, May 5
J. W. Kearns, arm slight, May 5
D. Shomber, leg severe, May 5
C. S. Giles, thigh severe, May 23
Wm. C. Williams, leg slight, May 5
Emanual Glace, leg severe, May 5
J. Keiser, slightly in hand, May 5 severe in thigh, June 3d.

Enlisted Men Missing

G . W. Ginter, Co. A, May 6
G. W. Rhodes, Co. A, May 12
Serg't. J. W. McCormick, Co. C, May 12
Peter Griffith, Co. E, May 6
Geo. Maynard, Co. F, May 5
Martin Keller, Co. G, May 12
Rob't. Baughman, Co. G, May 12
John A. Nickle, Co. I, May 6
J. C. Neitz, Co. A, May 15.


Commissioned officers killed and died of wounds: 3
Enlisted men killed and and died of wounds: 41
Commissioned officers wounded: 10
Enlisted men wounded: 163
Total Killed: 44
Total Wounded: 173
Missing: 9.






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