104th Regiment

Pennsylvania Volunteers

40th Reunion


Survivors' Association, 104th Penn'a Volunteers



PHILADELPHIA, August 31, 1901

COMRADES: The Twelfth Annual Reunion of the I04th Pennsylvania Volunteers will be held at MENLO PARK, Perkasie, Pa., on

Thursday, September l9th, 1901

The survivors of the I04th Regiment have reason to be proud of the great receptions heretofore accorded them at the annual reunions in the towns of Bucks county, and they are very grateful for the generous entertainment given at each one. The Fortieth Anniversary of the organization of the Regiment will be observed by the citizens of Perkasie as a public holiday. The town will be decorated, business will be suspended, the secret societies and school children will assist in the escort and reception, and the comrades of the G. A. R. Posts between Allentown and Philadelphia have been invited to attend in our honor.

After arrival at Perkasie, our business meeting will be held in the hall of Post 622, G. A. R. It is hoped that all our comrades will join us at that time, so that our business matters may be promptly disposed of, and the arranged programme of our generous hosts may be carried out without delay.

The Ladies' Auxiliary will meet at the same time, the place to be designated later.

Badges will be supplied for members exclusively, while a different design will be furnished for the Ladies' Auxiliary and guests.

At the conclusion of the business meetings, the Association will be escorted by the various organizations to Menlo Park, a short distance from the town, where dinner will be provided. Arrangements are being made to place the I04th people at table by companies.

Trolley cars run; direct to the Park.

After the dinner the formal reception exercises will be held. Eminent speakers will address the meeting, among whom are Hon. Irving P. Wanger, of the Seventh Congress District; General B. Frank Fisher, Chief Signal Officer Army of the Potomac; General W. W. H. Davis, Commander of the I04th.

A cordial invitation is extended the widows, wives and daughters to join the Ladies' Auxiliary. Mrs. S. A. Wallazz, Treasurer, No. 1927 Orleans street, Philadelphia.

Please notify the Secretary at once whether you will attend and how many of your family will be with you. The Executive Committee at Perkasie desires this information in order to properly provide for all.

Also furnish the Secretary with the name, company and date of death of I04th men during the past year.

From Philadelphia, take train leaving Reading Terminal at 8 A. M.; Columbia avenue, 8.07; Huntingdon street, 8.II; Wayne Junction, 8.16, and Jenkintown, 8.27. Arrive at Lansdale 9.03, and Perkasie, 9.28.

Fare, round trip, $I.I0, good only on 8 o'clock train, but good on any train returning same day, at 2.02, 5.I8, 6.51 P.M.

Care should be taken to obtain tickets from our Committee, in order to secure the reduced fare. Cars will be reserved.

The Transportation Committee expect to secure reduced rates on other sections of the Reading system.



E. S. McINTOSH, Secretary,

I64I Huntingdon street, Philadelphia

CHARLES G. CADWALLADER, Chairman Transportation Committee.






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