Civil War Hospitals

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1st Division (Volunteers) Alexandria, VA     753 E. Bentley
2d Division (Volunteers) Alexandria, VA     993 E. Bentley
3d Division(Volunteers) Alexandria, VA  1,350 E. Bentley
Adams (Volunteers) Memphis, TN    500 J. M. Study
Albany (Volunteers) Albany, NY    482 M. F. Cogswell
Angur (Volunteers) Alexandria, VA    668 G. L. Sutton
Annapolis Junction (U. A. Army) Annapolis Junction, MD    290 C. Bacon
Armory Square (Volunteers) Washington, DC, DC 1,000 D. W. Bliss
Balfour (U.S. Army) Portsmouth, VA    850 J. H. Frantz
Baxter (U.S. Army) Burlington, VT    500 S. W. Thayer, Jr.
Beaufort (Volunteers) Beaufort, SC    222 N. P. Rice
Beverly (U. S. Army) Beverly, NJ    1,000 C. Wagner
Brattleboro (Volunteers) Brattleboro, VT    725 E. E. Phelps
Broad Street (U. S. Army) Philadelphia, PA    525 T. C. Brainere
Brown (U. S. Army) Louisville, KY    700 B. E. Fryer
Buffalo (Volunteers) Buffalo, NY    150 J. M. Brown, MD
Campbell (Volunteers) Washington, DC    900 A. F. Sheldon
Carver (Volunteers) Washington, DC  1,300 O. A. Judson
Charity (Volunteers) New Orleans, LA    650 A. W. Smith, MD
Chester (Volunteers) Chester, PA  1,300 T. H. Bache
Citizen's (Volunteers) Philadelphia, PA    236 R. S. Kenderdine
Claremont (Volunteers) Alexandria, VA    164 E. Bentley
Clay (Volunteers) Louisville, KY    700 F. Greene
Columbian (Volunteers) Washington, DC    844 T. R. Crosby
Convalescent (Volunteers) Philadelphia, PA    766 T. B. Reed
Convalescent (Volunteers) Baltimore, MD    380 Thomas Sim
Cony (U. S. Army) August, ME    816 G. E. Brickett
Corps D'Afrique (U. S. Army) New Albany, IN    146 W. A. Clap
Corps D'Afrique (Volunteers) New Orleans, LA 1,000 F. E. Piquette
Crittenden (Volunteers) Louisville, KY    360 N. F. Marsh
Cumberland (Volunteers) Nashville, TN,    900 B. Cloak
Cumberland (Volunteers) Cumberland, MD  1,000 J. B. Lewis
Cuyler (U. S. Army) Germantown, PA    646 H. S. Schell
Dale (Volunteers) Worcester, MA    480 C. N. Chamberlain
David's Island (U. S. Army) New York, NY  1,700 W. Webster
Dennison (Volunteers) Camp Dennison, OH  1,716 W. M. Varian
Desmarres (Volunteers) Chicago, IL    150 J. S. Hildreth
Division No. 1 (Volunteers) Annapolis, MD  1,562 B. A. Vanderkieft
Division No. 2 (Volunteers) Annapolis, MD    600 G. S. Palmer
Douglas (U. S. Army) Washington, DC    400 W. F. Norris
Elmira (U. S. Army) Elmira, NY    325 J. K. Stanchfield
Emory (Volunteers) Washington, DC    900 N. R. Moseley
Employees (Volunteers) Chattanooga, TN     69 C. H. Morton
Eruptive (Volunteers) Louisville, KY    203 A. C. Swartzwelder
Fairfax Seminary (Volunteers) Fairfax, VA    936 D. P. Smith
Field (Volunteers) Bridgeport, AL    200 H. T. Leller
Finley (Volunteers) Washington, DC  1,061 G. L. Pancoast
Foster (Volunteers) New Berne, NC    475 N. Mayer
Foundry (Volunteers) Louisville, KY    200 A. B. Prescott
Frederick (U. S. Army) Frederick, MD  1,114 R. F. Weir
Freedman (U. S. Army) Washington, DC     72 A. R. Abbott
Ft. Columbus (U. S. Army) New York, NY    100 P. S. Conner
Gayoso (Volunteers) Memphis, TN    400 F. N. Burke
Grafton (Volunteers) Grafton, WV    342 S. N. Sherman
Grant (Volunteers) Willet's Point, NY  1,293 A. H. Thurston
Haddington (Volunteers) Philadelphia, PAY  1,329 S. W. Gross
Harewood (Volunteers) Washington, DC  2,000 E. B. Bontecou
Harper (U. S. Army) Detroit, MIY    100 D. O. Farrand
Harvey (Volunteers) Madison, WI    592 H. Culbertson
Islington (U. S. Army) Philadelphia, PA     60 J. V. Patterson
Jarvis (U. S. Army) Baltimore, MD  1,231 C. Dewitt Peters
Jefferson (Volunteers) Jeffersonville, IN  2,399 M. Goldsmith
Joe Hold (Volunteers) Jeffersonville, KY    980 H. P. Stearns
Judiciary Square (Volunteers) Washington, DC    510 E. Griswold
Kalorama (Volunteers) Washington, DC    434 R. I. Thomas
Knight (Volunteers) New Haven, CT    607 P. A. Jewett
L'Ouverture (Volunteers) Alexandria, VA    717 E. Bentley
Ladies' Home (Volunteers) New York, NY    402 A. B. Mott
Lovell (U. S. Army) Portsmouth Grove, RI  1,464 L. A. Edwards
Madison (Volunteers) Madison, IN  2,430 G. Grant
Main Street (Volunteers) Covington, KY    402 A. M. Speer
Mansfield (Volunteers) Morehead City, NC    300 J. C. Palmer
Marine (U. S. Army) Chicago, IL    110 R. Isham
Marine (Volunteers) St. Louis, MO    300 J. K. Rogers
Marine (Volunteers) New Orleans, LA    800 J. Bockee
Mason (U. S. Army) Boston, MA     60 W. E. Townsend
M'Clellan (U. S. Army) Philadelphia, PA  1,089 L. Taylor
M'Dougall (U. S. Army) Ft. Schuyler, NY  1,184 S. H. Orton
M'Kim's Mansion (Volunteers) Baltimore, MD    300 L. W. Read
Mount Pleasant (U. S. Army) Washington, DC  1,618 H. Allen
Mower General (Volunteers) Philadelphia, PA  3,109 J. Hopkinson
National Hotel (Volunteers) Baltimore, MD    400 Z. E. Bliss
Nelson (Volunteers) Camp Nelson, KY    700 D. Meeker
Newton University (Volunteers) Baltimore, MD    260 D. Meeker
No. 16 (Volunteers) Jeffersonville, IN    144 J. Gardner
Officers' (U. S. Army) Cammack Woods, PA     92 S. A. Storrow
Officers' (Volunteers) Louisville, KY     37 C. M'Dermont
Officers' (U. S. Army) Bedloe's Island, NY    103 J. Simons
Officers (Volunteers) Cincinnati, OH     75 W. H. Boldbrecht
Officers' (Volunteers) Annapolis, MD    409 B. A. Vanderkieft
Officers' (Volunteers) Annapolis, MD    500 J. L. Teed
Officers' (Volunteers) Memphis, TN    500 J. M. Study
Officers' (Volunteers) Lookout Mountain, TN    200 L. D. Harlow
Officers' (Volunteers) Beaufort, SC     20 A. P. Dalrympl
Ohio (U. S. Army) New Albany, IN    300 Y. J. Octerlon
Old State (Pest) (U. S. Army) Memphis, TN    200 G. F. Huntington
Overton (U. S. Army) Memphis, TN    450 J. C. G. Happersett
Parkersburg (Volunteers) Parkersburg, WV    382 W. A. Banks
Pest (U. S. Army) Near Vicksburg, MS     80 E. H. Buck
Readville (Volunteers) Readville, MA  1,000 W. A. Banks
Ricord (Volunteers) Washington, DC    120 C. W. Hornor
Saterlee (Volunteers) Philadelphia, PA  3,519 L. I. Hayes
Seminary (Volunteers) Georgetown, DC    121 H. W. Ducachet
Seminary (Volunteers) Covington, KY    218 A. M. Speer
Seminary (Volunteers) Columbus, OH    150 G. Saal
Simons (Volunteers) Mound City, IL    788 H. Wardner
Sisters of Charity (Volunteers) Buffalo, NY    200 A. Crispell
Sloan (U. S. Army) Montpelier, VT    469 H. Janes
Small Pox (U. S. Army) St. Louis, MO    235 S. W. Adreon
South Street (U. S. Army) Philadelphia, PA    288 R. J. Levis
St. James (U. S. Army) New Orleans, LA    300 S. M. Horton
St. Joseph (U. S. Army) New York, NY    325 B. A. Clements
St. Louis (Volunteers) New Orleans, LA    550 A. M'Mahon
St. Mary's (U. S. Army) Rochester, NY    680 A. Backus
St. Mary's (U. S. Army) Detroit, MI    325 W. H. Gorminger
Stanton (Volunteers) Washington, DC    420 B. B. Wilson
Stone (Volunteers) Washington, DC    170 P. Glennan
Summit House (Volunteers) Philadelphia, PA  1,204 J. H. Taylor
Swift (U. S. Army) Prairie du Chien, WI    290 F. W. Kelly
Tilton (Volunteers) Wilmington, DE    350 E. J. Baily
Transit (Volunteers) New York, NY     62 A. H. Hoff
Troy (Volunteers) Troy, NY    300 G. H. Hubbard
Turner's Lane (Volunteers) Philadelphia, PA    285 R. A. Christian
U. S. General (Volunteers) New Albany, IN    860 Thomas W. Fry
U. S. Barracks (Volunteers) New Orleans, LA    928 J. P. G. Baxter
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Point Lookout, MD  1,400 A. Heger
U. S. General (Volunteers) Pittsburgh, PA    723 Jas. Bryan
U. S. General (Volunteers) Ashland, KY    275 C. W. M'Millan
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Bowling Green, KY    146 H. G. Keefer
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Lexington, KY    463 R. Peter
U. S. General (Volunteers) Knoxville, TN  1,190 B. Barnum
U. S. General (Volunteers) Camp Chase, OH    200 S. S. Schultz
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Cleveland, OH    230 G. M. Sternberg
U. S. General (Volunteers) Gallipolis, OH    350 L. R. Stone
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Evansville, IN    702 J. A. Jeancon
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Indianapolis, IN    230 J. M. Kitchen
U. S. General (Volunteers) Quincy, IL    950 D. G. Brinton
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Camp Butler, IL    525 Wm. Sturgis
U. S. General (Volunteers) Camp Douglas, IL    137 J. C. Whitehill
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Davenport, IA    300 J. M. Adler
U. S. General (Volunteers) Keokuk, IA  1,350 M. K. Taylor
U. S. General (Volunteers) Leavenworth, KS    300 G. W. Hogeboom
U. S. General (Volunteers) Fort Scott    200 A. C. Van Duyn
U. S. General (Volunteers) Gallatin, TN    108 J. W. Brady
U. S. General (Volunteers) Lookout Mountain, TN    800 R. M. S. Jackson
U. S. General (Volunteers) Murfreesboro, TN    458 S. D. Turney
U. S. General (Volunteers) Tullahoma, TN    100 S. Hart
U. S. General (Volunteers) Benton Barracks, MO    575 Ira Russell
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Jefferson Barracks, MO  1,700 John F. Randolph
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Kansas City, MO    102 G. H. Hood
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Rolla, MO    120 R. Crowell
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Springfield, MO    200 F. A. Bushey
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Near Fort Monroe, VA  3,497 E. M'Clellan
U. S. General (Volunteers) Baton Rouge, LA    480 C. Winne
U. S. General (Volunteers) Beaufort, SC    320 John Treanor, Jr.
U. S. General (Volunteers) Hilton Head, SC    426 John F. Huber
U. S. General (U. S. Army) St. Augustine, FL    175 James F. Weeds
U. S. General (U. S. Army) Wheeling, WV    200 John Kirker
U. S. General No. 1 (Volunteers) Nashville, TN    936 B. B. Breed
U. S. General No. 1 (Volunteers) Chattanooga, TN    761 J. H. Phillips
U. S. General No. 11 (U. S. Army) Nashville, TN    720 G. W. France
U. S. General No. 14 (Volunteers) Nashville, TN    775 S. E. Fuller
U. S. General No. 15 (U. S. Army) Nashville, TN    400 J. J. O'Reilly
U. S. General No. 16 (U. S. Army) Nashville, TN    289 J. S. Giltner
U. S. General No. 17 (Volunteers) Nashville, TN    120 J. E. Herbst
U. S. General No. 19 (Volunteers) Nashville, TN    629 W. H. Thorne
U. S. General No. 2 (Volunteers) Near Vicksburg, MS    175 R. R. Stratton
U. S. General No. 2 (Volunteers) Nashville, TN    886 J. E. Herbst
U. S. General No. 2 (Volunteers) Chattanooga, TN  1,100 C. M'Gowan
U. S. General No. 3 (Volunteers) Near Vicksburg, MS    250 B. S. Chase
U. S. General No. 3 (Volunteers) Nashville, TN    600 J. R. Ludlow
U. S. General No. 4 (U. S. Army) Chattanooga, TN    160 L. S. Tesson
U. S. General No. 8 (U. S. Army) Nashville, TN    540 C. C. Byrne
University (Volunteers) New Orleans, LA    600 S. Kneeland
Ward (U. S. Army) Newark, NJ    927 J. T. Calhoun
Washington (U. S. Army) Memphis, TN    400 E. C. Strode
Washington Park (U. S. Army) Cincinnati, OH    150 J. B. Smith
Webster (Volunteers) Manchester, NH    425 A. T. Watson
Webster (Volunteers) Memphis, TN    500 J. L. Teed
West End (U. S. Army) Cincinnati, OH    120 R. Bartholow
West's Buildings (Volunteers) Baltimore, MD    425 A. Chapel
White Hall (U. S. Army) White HALL, PA  1,369 W. H. Forwood
York (Volunteers) York, PA  1,600 S. T. Mintzer

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