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Tioga County Draft

Source:  The Agitator, October 22, 1862, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Transcribed by Shirley Pierce

The Draft took place on the 16th inst., all over the State of Pennsylvania, except in the city of Philadelphia, the commissioners of that county not having the rolls perfected in time. In this county, as in all others in the State, everything went off peaceably and quietly, although in some portions efforts were made by evil minded men to induce disturbance and resistance.

Two hundred and thirty-five men were drafted by Commissioner Emery in the manner prescribed by law. The names of those liable in each township were written upon separate ballots and placed in a revolving ballot box prepared for this purpose. Mr. H. S. Archer acting for the Sheriff drew from this box one ballot--which was red aloud by the Commissioner and recorded,--and so continued drawing until the quota of the district was filled. Much credit is due to Mr. Emery for the able and impartial manner in which he has discharged his duties. Many men are drafted who can be illy spared by their families, whilst on the other hand many are not drafted who could have been spared just as well as not, and the county would not have suffered much by their absence. We trust that the new Legislature will make it their first business to revise and perfect the Conscription Laws of the State. Following are the names of those drafted in this County. They are expected to start on Friday for Harrisburg:

Bloss: Samuel Richter, Daniel Hurley, Gottlieb Coffman, Stephen Wood.

Brookfield: Andrew Cady, John Bowman, Lester Fisk, Orlo Hamblin, E. Thomas, John Allen, Harison Baker.

Clymer: Daniel Barrett, A. A. Amsbry, Ashley Short, Hiram Burdick, E. P. Hill, Simeon Babcock, Aaron Schoonover, G. D. Walter, Orlando Bliss, Seth B. Baxter, William Grow.

Chatham: Henry Mattison, Geo W. Rice, W. Garner, S. W. Love, Silas Mosher, Newberry Short, Geo. Hill, Geo. Hawley, Lucian Beech, Zelotus P. Allen, Geo. Buckley, Daniel Boom, Andrew Newton, T. Wormer, Henry Allen, John Gleason, Erastus Cooper, R. J. Moshier, John Yarnell, Asher B. Manning, William Wass jr., William Beacraft.

Covington Borough: Geo. F. Baker, Thomas Graves, John Blair, S. H. Gaylord.

Covington Township: John Haverly, S. F. Marvin jr, Joseph Husted, A. M. Whittaker, Oscar Bardwell, Bradley Wilkins.

Deerfield: Richard Ham, T. M. Gee, G. A. Smith, Wilson Davis, F. G. Gleason.

Delmar: R. W. Cambell, Daniel Hodge, Smith P. Wilson, William English, H. D. Deming.

Elk: Frank Purhen.

Farmington: John H. Shaft, Geo. M. Hall, B. J. Powers, Oliver B. Babcock, G. P. Crippen, Ezekial Thomas.

Jackson: E. M. Peters, Garrett M. Kinner, W. Smith, Jas. Livingston, Orra Kelly, C. J. Tillinghast, Geo. Wallace.

Liberty: Geo. Horning, Joseph Landis, S. H. Levergood, Charles Hart, J. C. Shambacker, C. Zinch, C. Lienhardt, G. W. Hart, John Fick jr., Washington Sheffer, John Hieler, David Brion, N. M. Levegood, John E. Ostrom, David Ostrom, Frederick Riter, Henry Kimball jr., William Corbin, Ferdinand Fray, William Keagle, G. M. Bastion, Chancey Bailey, Jeremiah Black, W. Neal, Ellis Merrill, David Houser, Charles Riter, John Ulsames, Gottlieb Krause, Jacob Kissinger, David Plank, John Lutz, Daniel Heiler, John Hart, Robert C. Cox, Michael Diehr, Christian Foulkrod, C. H. Wilson, John Brion, Henry Frock, G. J. Harier, Jess F. Bedell, Adolphus Brentano, Joseph Kreager.

Morris: Cornelius Beauvier, Henry Brion.

Middlebury: Russel Niles, Calvin Hammond, I. R. Chamberlain, Lyman Copley, R. F. Wilson, Hiram Bryant, F. C. W. Smith, A. D. Holliday, George W. Genson.

Rutland: S. W. Sherman, Russell R. Niles, W. F. Palmer, J. H. Allen, D. Watson, Bradford Jones, William J. Hall, Sidney F. Lewis, John Fralick, Olive Burlew, Samuel C. Gott.

Richmond: H. J. Crosby, J. F. Barnes, James Walter, Guy Shover, Adolph Shuart, Admah Austin, Horace Odell, Freman Gaylord, M. L. Robinson, Nathan Gardner, Pliny Whittaker, John Voorhies, C. J. Kelly, William E. Clark, R. H. Cleaveland, D. H. Clark, H. W. Lounsbury, Anson Gardner, A. D. Hammond, W. W. Westgate, Thomas H. Bailey, I. N. Bixby, L. J. Aldrich, L. D. Kerrick, Benjamin Wilson, Reuben Ford, Stephen Waters, Dennis Cassedy, W. W. Wells,A. M. Spencer, M. V. Smith, O. M. Kelley, E. L. Sperry, H. G. Smith.

Sullivan: C. S. More, Ira Hakes, Edson Beattie, G. York, I. B. Wood, Artomas Rumsey, George E. Orvis, David Slingerland, S. S. Johns, L. M. Doud, S. L. Wood, Dayton Hollenback, T. O. Doud, Leonard Bradford, John Smith, W. H. Palmer, C. G. Smith, Ashton Frost, O. F. Richards, Ruel Bartlett, A. G. Gafford, E. L. Nash, S. D. Cudworth, W. Burgess, Adam Hart, David Welch, Aaron Austin, Martin V. Mudge, Mark P. Palmer, Isaac S. Woodburn, Justus McConnell, C. E. Hall, Thomas Lewis, Loren Updike, Lafayette Gray, E. Jeliff, S. B. Wilkins, Charles E. Palmer, J. Cudworth, W. W. Bryant, A. F. Smith, Amos Welch, Peleg Doud, Albert Richmond, John W. Strait.

Ward: James Sullivan, W. L. Richards, Alfred Wheeler, Patrick Sullivan, Edward Lewis, J. Gafford, Ezra Breeze, Michael Ryon, Orvan Veerly, Daniel Stratton, D. H. Beadsley.

Wellsboro: A. N. Donaldson.






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