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The Draft for Dauphin County:

Its Success and Its Incidents

Source:  The Evening Telegraph, Harrisburg, August 10, 11, and 12, 1863

Transcribed by Shirley Pierce

The conscription for Dauphin county was commenced this morning, by Marshal Clement, assisted by his associates in the board of enrollment.  An immense staging had been erected immediately in front of the Court House, where "the wheel of fortune" was put into operation, and as name after name of those drafted was drawn from the "box," the crowd assembled gave vent to cheers, while such of the drafted as were present received the congratulation with a grace which showed at least the acquiescence the law receives at the hands of orderly and loyal men.  Indeed the good humor and decorum which prevailed during the entire proceeding of the draft to-day, is as much due to the decency, patriotism and intelligence of the people of Dauphin county, as it is to any vigor, efficiency or preparation on the part of those engaged in this delicate business.  

Thus far, the Telegraph office has been severely conscripted.  Our chief clerk W. H. H. Sl-g, the foreman, respectively, in the job and newspaper composing rooms, Samuel Strock and Martin V. Stevens, Jos. L. Buffington, foreman of the press room -- are among the lucky holders of the magic "envelope."  Thomas B. Nolan, Thomas Forster (late of the 127th) and Frederick Scott, carrier of the Telegraph, have also received complimentary tickets.  

Philip Ensminger, esq., a blind man, was blindfolded and drew the names from the wheel.  Mesrs. Geo. J. Shoemaker and Wm. Bergstresser, Democrats, and John J. Shoemaker, and Aaron Bombaugh, Republicans, occupied seats on the platform, by invitation, to see that every thing was conducted fairly.  

Below we give the names of the drafted up to the hour of our going to press:   

CONEWAGO TOWNSHIP                         

Isaac Shelly

Frederick Bartel

John Essler

Henry Kauffman

Benjamin Kaylor

Henry M Brandt

Jacob Guish

Levi Moyer

Abraham Guish

Jacob Brandt

Jacob Krebbs

Samuel Clark

Jacob Longnecker

David C Brandt

Isaac Wealand

Henry Kaylor

Henry Heisy

John Conrad

Thomas Flowers

John Hessieser

Jacob Lebman

Israel C Davis

 DERRY TOWNSHIP                       

Jacob Zrarfoss Jr

Daniel B Emerick

Henry Shiley

Benjamin Lutz

Samuel Landis

Molon Sonen

David Stouffer

Jeremiah Gamber

Samuel Landis

Ephr’m G Fishburn

John Poffenberger

Samuel K Henry

David M Cromer

David S Shenk

Samuel Emerion Jr

Israel Ficand

Jacob K Landis

Jacob H Bolisbauch

George Fox

John B Martin

James Clarke

Joseph L Smith

Henry Zentmoyer

Eli Ebersole

Henry Snyder

Eli Huber

Joshua C Snoddy

Adam Shuey

Uriah Weitmer

Cyrus Longenecker

Martin M Cope

Franklin Smith

Franklin Hershey

Peter Snyder

Jacob Nissley

John B Moyer

George H Stecker

Cyrus Holstein

Henry Stouffer

Christian Landis

Ovins Gerverich

William K Miller

Martin F Niseley

John J Nis-ly

Solomon Fishburn

Jacob Detwailer

John Dougherty

Martin Shenk

Henry J Hummel

Jeremiah Gossett

Peter Painter

George Tennis

Peter Yentst

Daniel Baker

Jacob Strickler

John Landis

Christopher Moyer

John Copahaber

John T Nitz

Henry S Moyer

Benjamin Houser

Abra’m Wittimoyer

Michael B Henry

John P Peck

 HARRISBURG  - FIRST WARD                

James Weltmer

Jacob Growdy

Henry Gill

A B Stoner

John Boyers, colored

Enos Wickert

Fulbert Fink

John Tagg

James Conrad

Jerome B Kaffman

George Siniger

James Hunter

George Moyer

John Boughter

Charles Flannigan

Harry Sax

George W Hoffman

John Lockwood

Franklin Gipe

Samuel Michael

James Mitchell

William Hammer

Jacob C Snyder

Charley Simms

Michael Toomey

Michael Finnan

Benjamin Boldinger

Joseph Meyer

Samuel Myers

Charles F Saxton

Alfred Pancake

John M St. Clair

Isaac Lloyd

Benjamin Wickert

Jerry Stewart, colored

John Blenkencord

John Cyle

Lewis Ott

George Robinson, colored

Jacob Li-zamoyer

Francis Henning

Richard Hogan, Jr

Charles Davis

Jacob F Yountz

Thomas Dawson, colored

James Unmuth

Christian H Brady

Lewis Breitinger

John Flank

H A Zimmerman

William Scott, colored

Geo W Marquart

John Swartz

James Hopkins

Conrad Tipp

Thomas L Wallace

John Houser

James Butler

 HARRISBURG – SECOND WARD                      

B Devout

Jacob Koerper

John A Stahl

John R Smith, colored

Albert Hanck

John Louch

Robert Si-es

Emanuel Franz

Jno A Brooks, colored

Luther M Simon

Samuel Frea

H C Orth

John Cline

George Rohrer

David Carrol, colored

J W Fisher

Isaiah Keener, colored

Jos L Buffington

Wm Carney, colored

Oscar Watt

M Stevenson, colored

Sampson Lewy

Martin Garverich

George H Smith

J W Reynolds

M V Stephens

Wilk’s  Carney, colored

Robert S Boyd

Sylvester Schervely

Lettman Lewy

Samuel Strock

Russell ------

James Hussay

Theodore Rogers

Philip McDonald

John Miller

Harry D-dge

Levi Grubb

Samuel A Hummel

Frederick Weise

John M—e

Edward W Shell

Chas A B-nnvart

George A Hall

Vincent A Smarsh

Joseph Ellis

Wm P Hae—ien

George Scott

George Do-hne

John Traub

Jacob H Blitz

Thomas Forster

Benj L Forster

Thomas H H-nton

Ziba Brown, colored

William M—uer

Jas Montgomery

Thomas D Nelling

Aaron Sanders, colored

Robert Snodgrass

John Burk

John C F Sargeant

H H Neiman

George A Og-es-y

George Rheem

John Braxton, colored

John H Myers

Francis S Seiler

William Windsor

Robert Barns, colored

Wm A Cathcart

Jacob G May

George Whiteman

George Hoffman

Frederick C Fink

Franklin H-mmel

A J Foster

Lewis N Drexler

William Barger

Samuel Wyant

Augustus G-hl

William Deschler


John Rulk, Jr

H W Miles

Wm Emmenger

John J S-orey

Frederick Hass

A Sellers

J C Mo—z

S A –wine

Charles Conner

Jacob F Kephart

Josiah Meredith

George Dress

Robert Morrison

Michael Cusan

A Hoffman

Savory Dickson, colored

William A Ball

Henry Hoffman

C F Huff

Alfred B-mgardner

D M Cassel

Arpel Bennard

O F Johnson

Christian Kel-er

Leonard Goodwin

James Reamshart

Charles Fairlamb

Charles Hagan

Eugene Snyder

Daniel Morris

James M’Cormick

May Irwin

William P Miller

Charles B Fager

Jacob Weil

William Hughs, colored

Christian Snavely

John Kammerer

Edward Lookes, colored

Samuel A Kunkel

Daniel B Herr

William Wolf

John M’Co---m

Augustus Price, colored

George A Klugh

David Lenhart

J B Smith

W W Hale

Henry Wareham

Cornelius Bolinger

J M C Bay

David D D-ch-y

Isaac W Hoffman

Jacob Greenawalt

Wash Alexander

T Rock Smith

Levi Ream

William Himmer

H J Dunlap

Peter Altmyer

L M Stout

Benj S Kunkle

John K-ltinger

Mr. M’Que

Luther Stroupe

Joseph Frost

Henry Ward

Charles Woltz

A Le-k

John H Thome

Francis L Hutter

Harvey Curtis

John C Osler

----- Vootrump

John Spangler

Geo Martin

Leonard Shick

Henry Stees

Richard Snowden, colored

Samuel Hall

George V Z Ball

Sam’l Hoffmeyer

Frederick Scott

Moses Netter

Edward F Kunkle

Thos B Nolan

Jacob U-man

Wm O Cook

Augustus Blent

Leopo-d Freedman

George Shooler

Jacob Spoffard

Frederick Wagner

H C Shaeffer

Philip Dorsay

John M’Gurk

Frank Rhine

Benj F Bowman

W P Stone

T B Norton

William A Deer

Samuel Wolf

Theodore Peterson

L W Ten Eyck

Ed L D Barry

Geo A M’I-waine

James M Fisher

Amos R Miller

R E Furgeson

Geo B Ayers

Daniel S Barr

John A Bigler

Jacob Esslinger

Wm A Parkhill

Jos B Markley



John Keets

Charles Boas

John a Troupt

Frank S-eel

William Roy

Thomas Brooks

Abner Manly

Thomas Swayer

James Geary

Leonard Kinnard

Augustus Styker

Nicholas Nienson

George S Ilers

David Winshell

William Kurtz

William Spotts

Felix Madora, colored

Thaddeus Davis

Horace Carey, colored

Ba-ks Hoffman

Isaac Dobbs, colored

Raphael Flowers

William Patton

George Weaver

William Sees

Solomon Grove

Pet Maguire, colored

Emanuel Solomon, colored

Alexander Boyle

George Mooney

Henry Rose

David Richwine

Armist’d Freeman, colored

John Fottrell

James Legar

Caleb Jester

Louis Rodiger

Samuel Gibson, colored

James Murdick

Wallace De Witt

Thomas Hanofin

William G Clark

John Sloan

George Frees

Gustavus Hahn

Andrew Pott

Charles Anderson, colored

Lloyd Rochback

Franklin Tulley

Samuel H Sieg

James Tinnen

Henry Colestock

John Brown, colored

Jno Bannister, colored

John A Newman

Emanuel Mateer

Augustus Ravers

Franklin M’Lain

Wilson Taylor, colored

Julian Flusk

Francis Johnson

George Sha-er

Martin Bates

Wesley Crabb

Richard Addison, colored

Philip Hanmond, colored

Joseph L Sheetz

William Carr

James Richardson, colored

Jno Fayettes, colored

Michael Roake

Henry Emanuel

Charles O’Neil

John Sheridan

Lewis Haus

John M’Carty

George Miller

James Wright

David M Robinson, colored

John Brown

Michael Ernest

Calvin M’Carty

Lewis Clement

Matthias Benedict

Peter Miller

Alfred Stouffer

George Gastrack

Joseph Sweitzer

George Ginters

Hudson Worral

Henry Johnson, colored

Wm Johnson, colored

Daniel Hawley, colored

Jer’h Crownshield

Thomas Bomgardner

James Sprucebank

Adam Richardson

George Looker

Henry Mason, colored

Richard Elchet

John Prime, colored

Isaac Giles

Elmer Miller, colored

J T M’Cormick

Barney Thornton

Jacob Gross, colored

Source:  The Evening Telegraph;  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; 1863 August 10



The conscription for Dauphin County was re-commenced this morning by the Board of Enrollment.  The drawing of the quotas for the Fifth and Sixth wards of the city of Harrisburg, and the townships of Halifax, East Hanover, South Hanover, West Hanover, Jackson, Jefferson, Londonderry, Lykens and Gratz began about eight o’clock this morning, and were completed at 11 ½ A.M.  The good humor which prevailed during the entire proceeding yesterday was renewed with the first name drawn, but there did not appear to be the same interest felt, as was man-fested the day before.  

We give the names below of all the drafted both in the wards and townships.  The county quotas will all be drawn by to-morrow evening:


Michael Power

Richard Smith

Israel W-rd

John Shuttle

Casper Langletz

Andrew Hensel

George P Jones

Abraham Waimer

Philip A Rozel

Edmund Hepford

Abraham Oves

Adam Andrew

Thomas Taylor

Michael Mo-zalf

Thomas Olmstead

James Finn

Isaac J Wilcox

James G Armstrong

J Morrison

John Mo-a-ey

John Aikens

Emanuel Clinton

John E Freas

 E N Winebrenner

William Adams

Charles Baugh

Philip Entriken

John Da-ley

George Abbott

Hamlet Dougherty

Samuel Gibson

Wm Starrett

John M’Kinney

Jonathan Collom

George W Blessing

David Crouse

John Freleinstein

Wm F Lutz

John A Young

Patrick Finn

Wm S Busch

Jacob Geisinger

Jacob W Armstrong

Charles W Moore


Wm Fortney

James Clark, colored

Jeremiah Bi-zel

John Frickler

Wm H Egle

Abraham Thomas

John Meredith

Charles Hopewell, colored

William Nicholas

Adam Cregg

Henry P Hoke

Milton –rizel

John Gibson

Jacob M Comas

Joseph Fisher

Henry Gettez

George H Robinson

Wm B Young

Levi Frank

Edward Pancake

John M’-aiagher

Wm Atklins

Wm Smith, colored

Levi Bucheom

Chas Care, colored

James Davis

Geo Boyd Egle

John Shick

John Gilman

Thomas F Maladey

Michael B-bow, colored

Daniel Gill-n

Emen Kreider

Jacob Snyder

John Kurtz

Wm B-lden

Jeremiah Jackson, colored

James Carrigan

Edward Knepply

James W Wolbert

Reuben H Longenecker

Wm Shell

Martin Robrer

Hiram Ball, colored

Aaron Wa-lower

Christian Mentzenholder

Charles Barge

Syrill Wagner

Jabe- T Bender

John Willomby

James Shelton

Morgan Roberts

Samuel Washington

Michael Smith

Henry Holland, colored

George Myers

William Brightoll

Samuel Oswold

Franklin Putt

Charles McMillis

John Oenslager

Wm Nicholas

Geo Smith, colored

Lewis Kinsley

Joseph Berrier

Frederick Snyder

Geo L Rogers

John D Bozzart

Wm R Hattield

James McLaughlin

Solomon Hoover

David Dunlap

Wm Miller

John Manly

Chas Pi-rson, colored

Wm R-uch

Samuel Urich

Henry Earl

Wm M’Gibbon

John Ri-tler

Jacob Eisenhower

B F Myers

Lewis Frick

Alfred Wycoff

Jacob Schoffer

Hiram Neaffer

John M’Clintock

Benjamin Skein

Wm Curtis, colored

Elias Hoke

Geo W Philips

John Snowden, colored

John Kane

George Smith


Christian Shott

Samuel Folckler

Samuel Hoke

Benj B Brubaker

Amos Clenson

John Proudfoot

Samuel Reisch

Philip Fitting

Peter Chubb

Jacob –yson

Henry Fo-man

Samuel Steel

Henry Rousch

Josiah Jury

George Masoner

David Shultz

Wm Hershberger

John Bowes

Henry Nace

Henry Cor-snits

Jacob H Dunkle

Philip Saultzbaugh

Jacob Zimmerman

Silas Lon-z

Jacob S Wombaugh

James Snyder

Jacob Mi-er

Solomon File

James M Parsons

George Whitman

John Ferren

Hiram Chubb

Joseph Ziegler

John Barfield

George N Spiece

Samuel Greiner

George W Lodge

William H Snyder

Simon Novinger



Valentine Ginrick

Levi Spotts

John Z-ering

B-nival Peiffer

Elias Buck

Wm Shaeffer

Amos Sherk

Daniel Stout

Henry B Hamaker

Henry Watts

George Obill

Henry Loudermilch

Levi Beffly

John H Hoover

Cyrus Clemens

Peter Kiltinger

Wm Rhodes

East Wm Lingle

Jacob Kuntz

W Peiffer

John Beffly

Jacob Batdorf

Henry R Rider

Thomas Moran

Jno Ramsey, colored

John Uhler

Martin Martin

Joseph Hetrick

Henderson Hughes

John Landis

Thomas Kuntz

David E Henry

John A Coleman

Andrew H—sel

Percival Ney

Joshua Ramsey, colored

Jacob Marks

Peter Killinger

Jeremiah Brown

Benjamin Ginrich

Wm Backeast-se

Henry Lentz

Samuel Hetrick



Cyrus Ciders

Amos Books

Wm Hailman

Israel Wolburn

Beneville Hefner

Uriah Cassel

Henry W Ketring

Eliphaz S-nchey

John Hoerner

Christian C Landis

Simon Kinsey

Andrew Curry

Josph Brahm

Wm S Soule

Jacob Hoerner

John Keller

Cornelius Shotser

John Kieffer

Amos Miller

Emanuel Dillman

John Bollinger

David Hanshow

Henry Bishop

Christian F Landis

Elias Basehore

Christian B Landis

Samuel Smith



Frederick Winrich

Levi Bolden

Andrew B Wilheim

Jacob Miller

George Cramer

Amos Zimmerman

John Hicks

Joseph Sweigart

Leonard Mauntz

Joseph Kuntz

John Grundan

Wm Rouch

John M Rouch

David Kieffer

David Hoover

Thomas G Garverich

Christian Cassel

Daniel Beaver

John Reese

Israel Fox

Daniel Bolden



Philip Zimmerman

Joseph Keiter

James Miller

Samuel B Miller

George Greiner

Daniel Miller

Edward Shoap

Josiah Hope

Henry Hoover

Daniel Grim

Michael Miller

Daniel Witmer

Andrew D Straw

Michael W—fel

John E Nace

John P Miller

Charles E R-igel

John W B-dner

Samuel Miller

Moses Fender

Samuel Fitting

Josiah M’Lally


Samuel Sheetz

Samuel Hoover

Jacob Minnich

John C McCallain

Joseph Fauber

Wm Shoop

Josiah Wilker

Wm Miller

Anthony Long

John Sheetz

John Bowerman

George Scohlander

Josiah Daupsey

George Buffington

John Yerdes

Jonas Buffington

Joseph Paul

Levi B Frees

Samuel Minnich

Henry Buffington

Isaac Shiley

Samuel Lebo

John Hawk

James Hoffman

Jacob Rice



John H Davis

John Dintaman

John L Gingaich

John Davis

Samuel Shoap

Patrick Noon

David Brown

Solomon C Brinzer

Peter Ettler

Jacob Myers

George Leaman

Levi Henry

John F Noss

Jacob Dinterman

Michael K-sely

Benj Longenecker

Henry B-andt

Levi Jones

Isaac Culp

John D Sweeney

Samuel Shiris

John M’Ginnis

John M’Ail

Jacob Galli-ter

Jacob Zurb

John l Garven

Levi F Noss

Abram Geyer

Wendell Shelly

Henry E Martin

William Smith

John Kinzey

John Sellers

Michael Donohower

William Hawk

Jacob Books

Isaac B Vance

Abraham Gingerich


Andrew Riegel

Cornelius Hawk

Emanuel Schoffstall

Aaron Raber

Jacob Smiths

Charles Coleman

Jonas Umholtz

Joseph Reisinger

Daniel Tobias

Isaac Hoffman

John D Baum

Thomas Huber

Henry Biery

Joel Daniel

Henry Rickert

Samuel Buffington

Josiah R Riegel

Elias Kissinger

George Knorr

Samuel Shell

Henry B Willard

Jacob Romberger

Wm Schockstrow

Zachariah Laudenschlager

John Willard

Franklin Fiddler

Josiah Huber

Samuel Klinger

Wm Unger

Jonas Hoffman

Jonas Keiser

Daniel Coleman

Solomon Gottshall

Joseph Sallady

Source:  The Evening Telegraph;  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; 1863 August 11.



 All the Prizes allowed to this County Drawn.

The remainder of the tickets allowed this county in the grand lottery, which took place in front of the Court House, commencing last Monday, were drawn to-day.  For the information of many who invested in this brilliant scheme, and drew prizes, we will state that, should any holder of a ticket not prefer to give $300 for a "sub," he will receive the following articles GRATIS -- no Internal Revenue stamps being required:  

1 new, highly finished musket;

1 bran new suit of clothes, with blue, yellow or red trimmings – whichever he may prefer;

1 pair shoes and stockings;

1 elegant blanket;

1 nice haversack and knapsack;

1 nice cartridge box, with 60 rounds of ammunition;

1 nice tin plate, tin cup, knife, fork and spoon.  

In addition to these the holder of the lucky number will have a regular income of $13 per month, and "when this cruel war is over," will receive a capital prize of $100.

Legalized by Act of Congress, approved March 3d, 1863.  

All prizes cashed by the Provost Marshal of this district.

The time for the distribution of the articles above mentioned will be duly announced, and those who drew prizes will be notified of the fact by private letters.  

With such liberal inducements the managers have been largely patronized by an appreciating public, who found that this was no humbug, catch-penny institution, but a genuine lottery, in which the managers are bound to fulfill all they promise.  

The following named individuals residing in the Middle, South and North wards of the borough of Middletown, the townships of Mifflin, Lower Paxton, Middle Paxton, Upper Paxton, the borough of Millersburg, townships of Reed, Rush, Swatara, Lower Swatara, Susquehanna, Washington and Wiconisco, were announced as ticket holders in the lottery to-day.



George Baker

Seymour Raymond

Wm S Marshall

Christian W King

Geo W Fensell

Henry J Miley

Wm N Daugherty

Josiah White, colored

Barney O M’Neal

Christian Shoop

John T Ross

Augustus Lynch

John M’Creary

William Shadt

Benjamin S Landis

Joseph K Oren

Leo Diwnis



Sam’l Hughes, colored

John Ackerson

Wm T Harley, colored

John Bowser, colored

Thomas Benney

John Rudolph

Ab’m Hulsberger

William Filbey

William Pearson

James P Witherow

John Jameson

Elias Beidleman

James Henry, colored

Jer Johnson, colored

Charles Shadt

Joseph A Fackler

Wm H Embich

Charles Keim

John Beidleman

Hamlet Murr

Geo Scott, colored

Frederick Miller


Solomon Seilers

David Rupp

George Rehrer

Lemuel Copp

John Shirker

Henry Raymond

Joseph H Nisley

John Woolver

William Troll

Jacob Ramp

J S Grove

William Benner

Christian Bowers

John Hoffman

Benj Fishburn

David Gilbert

Henry Fritz

Henry Killinger


William Welker

Isaiah Keel

John W Deibler

D F Swingle

Geo H Rumbarger

Henry Harman

Jeremiah Harman

John Hoffman

Daniel Bardner

John Mace

Jer’h H Enterline

Joseph Stesler

John B Dishler

John Koppenhoffer

Martin Straub

Jeremiah Carl

John Readel

Dresden Miller

John Fuller

John Andre

Josiah Shoffstall

Hiram F Groff

Jacob Moyer

Isaac Weaver

Bostian Hensinger

Balser Rumberger

Henry W Bishoff

Frederick Harman

George D Moyer

Jacob Lenkert

Jacob Krutzer

John Metz

Jonathan Bonawitz

Daniel Weist

Josiah Yeager

Emanuel Erdman

Zachariah Badman

John Klinger

Josiah A Miller

Elias Byerly

John W Whitcomb

Wm S Dollinger

Franklin Sarge

John D Deibler

Daniel Snider



Thomas Reed

Abraham Fackler

John M’Elhenny

John Light

Hiram Reimert

Simon Sailor

Reuben Conrad

Sam’l Longnecker

Jacob Pottager

John Fox

David Crum

Jacob Kauffman

Daniel Reicherd

John Hummer

Henry Zeiders

Peter Aungest

Jacob McNeal

John Fackler

John Good

Enoch Runkle

John Wallmer

George Shoop

Geo A Milleisen

William James

Henry Keener

William Farling

Levi Reed

Henry Wallmer

Aaron Ludwig

John Zeiders

John Miller

Henry Smith

Wendel Fackler

Philip McNeal

Adam Powers

David Stoufer

Michael Meckley

Amos Houck

Phillip Felty

Benj Umberger

George W Baker

John Patterson

Wm H Damay

Peter Fox

Samuel A Miller



Thomas Yountz

John Carrand

George Hoover

David Singer

Henry Howard

William Neigh

Jacob Teemer

George Masham

Benjamin Myers

George S Ruter

Lewis Bogler

Wm Minsker

Isaac Nace

Henry Strine

Wesley Hummel

John Himes

Wilson Talley

Henry Winn

John Fry

James Snow

William Behm

Josiah Hooker

John W McNeely

George Feight

Jacob Straw

Alfred B Climson

Philip Richard

Andrew Simmers

Henry W Boyer

Jeremiah Shatzer

Samuel T Kemble

Wm McCarty

John Bricker

Wm File

Samuel Sellers

Wm Foard, colored

William Bowman

George Muckler

John Foster

John Minick


Andrew Ossman

Andrew Kieffer

Joseph Cramer

Jacob Snyder

David Fickinger

Thomas Heit

George W Frailick

Samuel E Gilbert

Uriah Martz

Emanuel Lenkart

Isaac Negley

John F Fiskinger

Michael Hollabaugh

Levi Leber

Samuel Snyder

John Martin

John D Radell

Samuel Peters

Henry Poticher

Solomon Hoover

Daniel Spotts

Nathaniel Feidt

A H Overholtzer

John P Woland

James Richardson



William Fisher

Henry L Light

John Matthias

Henry Deal

Abraham E Wetzel

Jacob W Rhoep

Fred’k Parthemer

Christian Nave

Samuel B Miller

Michael Stoner

Martin L Nisley

Benj F Cofman

H Stewart Wilson

Val Zimmerman

Solomon Espenshade

Geo W Parthemer

Henry W Stoner

Michael M Stoner

Augustus S Care

Henry C Alleman

Martin Swartz

John Rife

Peter Kerr

Samuel Poorman

Wm K Wilson

Martin Edwards, colored

Samuel Croil

Nicholas Beck

Fred M Hummell

John J B-etz

Samuel Neibling

John Boadmer


John C Beiler

Jacob F Saltzbach

Andrew J Williams

William T Jacoby

Jonas Wert

Wm A Smith

Wm Snooker

Edward Rathvon

Joseph Snyder

Henry Kulp

Bennavell Witmer

John C Walter

Joseph Kieffer

Isaac Smith

John B Clemson

Ellis Rathvon

Abraham Brock

Henry Beard

Charles F Muench

M B Chrisman

Alfred Dowden

Henry H Musser


James F Pearson

Asahel Lukens

Henry Frank

Henry Hauss

Jacob Chubb

Jacquet Rouch

Richard Derr

John R Rouch

Cyrus Glace

Melchoir Miller

Robert Porter

Wm D Miller


Randall M’Allister

Adam Carver


Wm P Craig

Geo B Garman

Simon Isenhower

Christian Ettenoyer

Samuel Weaver

Levi Blosser

Edward Mills

John W Shoop

Michael Foley

John Olwine

Samuel Lewis

William Moore

David Blosser

Jacob Mumma

William Shoop

Augustus Reel

William Wetzler

William Yearns

Carson Stanse

Peter Lygan

Jacob A Miller

Thomas R Grabill

Joseph Vogle

John Herald

John Stover

Abraham J Henry

Franklin Mahan

John H Welker

Samuel Warehime

Benj Hummer

Henry Harrow

John Weaver

George Olwine

George Coffman

George Shelahamer

Reuben Clemmens

Hiram Moreland

Jonas Potiger

George Livingston

Abraham Swigart

Benj H Earley

William Varner

Thomas Unger

William Garberich

Jacob Hummell

Owen Yurns

William Seiple



George T Reicker

Jacob Yeiter

George B Conrad

Michael Frantz

John C Books

Charles Swartz

Philip Jackson, colored

Samuel Rutherford

George Yesters

Adam H Hocker

Frank Hall

Henry Johnson, colored

Reub Bumgardner

Jacob Bishop

John Wright

Isaac Light

Christian Vance

Daniel Gallagher

Reuben Taylor, colored

John Dimelar

Oliver Butler, colored

John Monaghan

Josiah Dunkle

John A Rutherford

Sam’l Rutherford

Conrad Wetzel

Henry Barnhart

Peter Reel

Isaac Houck

Conrad Erhart

Francis Peebles

Isaac Binehower

Martin J Mumma

John Franz

John Elder

Wm Jackson, colored

John Peiffer

Martin Wetzel

George Walbert



Emanuel Wetzel

John Klinger

John Longaback

Henry Lenker

John K Harman

Wm Strawbecker

Thomas Diener

Josiah Boyer

Henry D Miller

D K Holtman

Jacob Runk

George Carl

John Deitrick

George Hawk

Washington Matter

Assane Polk

Wm Brittain

Wm Wingert

Joel Shoop

Samuel Bechtol

Daniel Messner

Silas Cooper

Henry Shoop

Jonas Pottorff

Henry Kemmerer

John W Messner

John Bretz

George Lenker

Emanuel T Motter

John B Stroub

Henry Schrefler



Samuel Vaun

Enoch Stetzell

George Wall

Michael Walchaskey

Thomas Perkins

Geo W Buffington

Joseph Durbin

John Shaafstall

Thomas Bateman

Isaac Shomper

Richard Knight

Jacob Miller

Isaac Burd

Wm Harper

Emanuel Zerbe

Joseph Rumbarger

Israel Lukes

Charles Walcott

Anthony Hawk

William Row

David Budesil

George Wagner

William Gilbert

Thomas Mailey

Wm Trout

Joseph Shupp

Barnhart Blatzer

Alfresh Foster

Josiah Row

John Brickley

John Shell

Thomas Fegley

Benj Waters

Robert Beatel

Jonathan Hoffman

Augustus Walborn

Samuel Matter

William Price

John Row

Cyrus Marks

Edward Matter

James Fegley

Lewis Shoener

William Rosener

Cornelius Row

Timothy Carner

Samuel Durbin

Jacob Wagner

Daniel Nailer

Lewis Smeltzer

Moses Betz

Wm Bleistone

James L Groover

Mathias Tollman

Wm Zimmerman

Patrick Carner

David Splan



Source:  The Evening Telegraph;  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; 1863 August 12







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