Pennsylvania in the Civil War

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The follow indexes are from Samuel P. Bates' History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865. Dr. Bates states that an attempt was made to record the " of death, place of burial, and number of grave, of those who fell or died while in rebel prisons, and are buried in the National Cemeteries...This information will be found, in some particulars, to be incomplete, inasmuch as the government has been unable to obtain the records of some of the rebel prisons, and the graves of many soldiers were unmarked and unknown." In addition, the "..names of a large number of the dead, known to be Pennsylvanians, but the organization to which they belonged unknown, have been preserved, and will be published together in the concluding volume."

Burial Index, Volume I

Burial Index, Volume II

Burial Index, Volume III

Burial Index, Volume IV

Burial Index, Volume V






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