9th Cavalry
Cut to Pieces

July 10, 1862

Source:  The Indiana Messenger, July 16, 1862

Transcribed by Shirley Pierce

July 10, 1862

Four companies of the Ninth Pennsylvania cavalry were surprised and cut to pieces at daybreak this morning on the State line, by Stearns' cavalry, fifteen hundred strong.

Col. Williams and Majs. Jordon and Brown, are reported among the killed. The wounded men were assassinated, Stearns is reported en route to Bowling Green with the intention of destroying the bridges. Some of the railroad track has been torn up.

Later accounts state that it is not certain that Col. Williams was among the killed.

Capt. Harris, reported wounded, is a son of Geo. W. Harris, Esq., and formerly a practicing physician in Harrisburg. Lieut. Sullivan, noticed as being killed, was formerly a clerk in the Prothonotary's office of Dauphin Co., under Wm. Mitchell, Esq., of whom he is a near relative. He was admitted to the bar as a practicing attorney just a few days previous to his leaving for the seat of war. Gov. Curtin telegraphed for further particulars, and received the following dispatch:

Bowling Green,
July 11, 1862

To A. G. Curtin:

Companies E, C, I and M, captured. Major Jordan is reported safe by paroled men; Capt. Harris reported wounded; Lieut. Sullivan killed. Will telegraph particulars when received.

Col. Commanding Post.

The following dispatch has since been received from Gov. Johnson:

July 12

To A. L. Russell
Adjutant General

As near as we can ascertain, Major Jordon was taken prisoner with forty-seven of his men. Four were killed and seven wounded.

Col. Williams and Maj. Brown were not in the fight.

The guerrillas have since been twice defeated with great loss, at other points and are now almost surrounded. The entire band, it is believed, will be captured.

Andrew Johnson







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