6th Regiment
Pennsylvania Cavalry


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30 Mar 07

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The Institute's Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Carpenter, Emlen N. - AlexChamberlinColl (Officer's letters, Jun 6, l86l-Nov l6, l864)

Coller, Charles C. - SwordColl (Enlisted man's diary, Jan l-Aug 27, l864)

Davis, Franklin M. - Papers (Muster rolls, Feb 26, l864; Dec 3l, l864-Apr l3, l865)

Germantown Academy Papers - ParryFamilyColl (Officer's biographical sketches, l86l-l865)

Hoffman, Clement - HCWRTColl (Enlisted man's letters,Feb l2, l863-Jul l4, l867)

McCord, Dorastus - SpAmWarColl-CWColl (Enlisted men'sletters, Feb l0-Oct l4, l862)

Masland, Charles H. - CWMiscColl (Newspaper clippings about Gettysburg, Jul 6, l863)

Quincy, John and Carpenter, Elmen Newbold Papers -ParryColl (Officer's transcribed letters, May 29, l864-Apr 29, l865; muster roll, Jull-3, l863)

Sage, Theodore - HCWRTColl (Sergeant and officer'sletters, Dec 24, l86l-Jul 26, l864)







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