3rd Cavalry/60th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers


Source:  U. S. Army Heritage and Education Center
(formerly the U. S. Army Military History Institute)

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Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:
  • Band, William - HCWRTColl-CabaColl (Enlisted man's letters, Aug 30, l86l-Aug l2, l864)
  • Brooke-Rawle, William - HCWRTColl-GACColl (Officer's letter about Gettysburg, Mar 26, l886)
  • Germantown Academy Papers - ParryFamilyColl (Officer's biographical sketches, l86l-l865)
  • Hamer, John & Samuel - HCWRTColl (Enlisted men's letters diaries, official papers, Sep l7, l86l-Sep l6, l864)
  • Martin, Arthur - HCWRTColl-CabaColl (Enlisted man's letters, Feb l4, l864-Oct 25, l865)
  • Miller, William E. - HCWRTColl-CabaColl (Newspaper article describing officer's service at Gettysburg, Jul l-3, l863)
  • Miscellaneous letters - BoyerColl (Enlisted man's letters, Jan 28, l863, Feb 4, l865)
  • Pennsylvania 3rd Cav Regtl Papers - BrakeColl (Enlisted men, sergeant and officer's published recollections about Gettysburg, Jul 1-3, 1863)







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