15th Regiment
Pennsylvania Cavalry


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7 Aug 06

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The Institute's Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Anderson-Capehart-McGowan Family Papers - CWMiscColl (Enlisted men and officer's letters, Mar 8, l863-Jan 23, l865)

Antes, Frederic - CWMiscColl (Corporal and sergeant's published diary, Sep 8, l864-Jul 8, l865)

Bourke, John G. Papers (Descendant's transcribed interview concerning enlisted man and officer's service, l863-65)

Breckinridge, George A. - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's letters, Mar l6, l863-May 30, l864)

Caldwell, John - SwordColl (Quartermaster Sergeant's letters and papers, Feb 12-Nov l5, l864)

Hersh, Paul - CWMiscColl (Sergeant's transcribed letters, Oct l2, l862-May 25, l865) 

Lancaster, Thomas - CWMiscColl (Enlisted man's transcribed letter, Jan 4, l863)

Lloyd,Harvey - HattieBurleighPapers (Officer's letters, Jun l, l864, Jun 20, l864

Morton, Annesley N. - CWMiscColl (Officer's letters, Sep 2, l862-Jan 3, l865)

Palmer, William J. Papers (General officer's service, l86l-l865)

Pennsylvania l5th Cavalry Regimental Papers - CarlisleBarracks Coll (Unknown soldier's diary, Aug l2-Sep 6, l862)

Ramsey, Theodore - CWMiscColl (Quartermaster Sergeant and officer's letters, May 14, 1863-May 29, l865)

Rasor, David - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's letters and papers, Jul 3l, l863; Mar 11, l864; Aug 25, l865)

Weller, Charles - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's published letters and memoir, Jul 7, l862-Sep 12,







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