History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-18651

Volume V

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Page Number
One Hundred and Eightieth Regiment/Nineteenth Cavalry Page 1
One Hundred and Eighty-First Regiment/Twentieth Cavalry Page 32
One Hundred and Eighty-Second Regiment/Twenty-First Cavalry Page 77
One Hundred and Eighty-Third Regiment Page 128
One Hundred and Eighty-Fourth Regiment Page 151
One Hundred and Eighty-Fifth Regiment/Twenty-Second Cavalry Page 170
One Hundred and Eighty-Sixth Regiment Page 205
One Hundred and Eighty-Seventh Regiment, Page 222
One Hundred and Eighty-Eighth Regiment Page 252
One Hundred and Ninetieth Regiment Page 279
One Hundred and Ninety-First Regiment"Note. Inasmuch as this regiment was brigaded with the One Hundred and Ninetieth, and served with it throughout its entire term, the narrative of the service of the two regiments has been combined, and will be found at the head of the One Hundred and Ninetieth." Page 304
One Hundred and Ninety-Second Regiment Page 341
One Hundred and Ninety-Third Regiment Page 376
One Hundred and Ninety-Fourth Regiment Page 391
One Hundred and Ninety-Fifth Regiment Page 405
One Hundred and Ninety-Sixth Regiment Page 436
One Hundred and Ninety-Seventh Regiment Page 450
One Hundred and Ninety-Eighth Regiment Page 464
One Hundred and Ninety-Ninth Regiment Page 495
Two Hundredth Regiment Page 519
Two Hundred and First Regiment Page 542
Two Hundred and Second Regiment Page 559
Two Hundred and Third Regiment Page 578
Two Hundred and Fourth Regiment/Fifth Artillery Page 603
Two Hundred and Fifth Regiment Page 636
Two Hundred and Sixth Regiment Page 655
Two Hundred and Seventh Regiment Page 671
Two Hundred and Eighth Regiment Page 691
Two Hundred and Ninth Regiment Page 710
Two Hundred and Tenth Regiment Page 729
Two Hundred and Eleventh Regiment Page 751
Two Hundred and Twelfth Regiment/Sixth Artillery Page 771
Two Hundred and Thirteenth Regiment Page 802
Two Hundred and Fourteenth Regiment Page 819
Two Hundred and Fifteenth Regiment Page 838
Independent Battery A,  (Schaffer's) Page 854
Independent Battery B,  Muehler's) Page 859
Independent Battery C,  (Thompson's) Page 865
Independent Battery D,  (Durell's) Page 875
Independent Battery E,  (Knap's) Page 883
Independent Battery F,  (Hampton's) Page 893
Independent Battery G,  (Young's) Page 900
Independent Battery H,  (John I. Nevin's) Page 905
Independent Battery I,  (Robert J. Nevin's) Page 912
Independent Company C,  (Acting Engineers) Page 918
Independent Company C,  (Infantry) Page 922
Third United States Colored Regiment Page 925
Sixth United States Colored Regiment Page 943
Eighth United States Colored Regiment Page 956
Twenty-Second United States Colored Regiment Page 991
Twenty-Fourth United States Colored Regiment Page 1011
Twenty-Fifth United States Colored Regiment Page 1026
Thirty-Second United States Colored Regiment Page 1047
Forty-First United States Colored Regiment Page 1066
Forty-Third United States Colored Regiment Page 1081
Forty-Fifth United States Colored Regiment Page 1106
One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh United States Colored REG'T Page 1125
1Author: Bates, Samuel Penniman History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-1871. Prepared in compliance with acts of the Pennsylvania legislature. Volume III was printed in 1870. All volumes are on line at the University of Michigan as part of the Making of America project.
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