History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-18651

Volume III

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Page Number
Three Years' Service:  
Eighty-Fifth Regiment Page 2
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Eighty-Seventh Regiment Page 28
Eighty-Eighth Regiment Page 67
Eighty-Ninth Regiment/Eighth Cavalry Page 111
Ninetieth Regiment Page 151
Ninety-First Regiment Page 186
Ninety-Second Regiment/Ninth Cavalry Page 234
Ninety-Third Regiment Page 284
Ninety-Fifth Regiment Page 335
Ninety-Sixth Regiment Page 382
Ninety-Seventh Regiment Page 411
Ninety-Eighth Regiment Page 463
Ninety-Ninth Regiment Page 506
One Hundredth Regiment Page 553
One Hundred and First Regiment Page 601
One Hundred and Second Regiment Page 647
One Hundred and Third Regiment Page 695
One Hundred and Fourth Regiment Page 733
One Hundred and Fifth Regiment Page 779
One Hundred and Sixth Regiment Page 828
One Hundred and Seventh Regiment Page 854
One Hundred and Eighth Regiment, Eleventh Cavalry Page 902
One Hundred and Ninth Regiment Page 953
One Hundred and Tenth Regiment Page 978
One Hundred and Eleventh Regiment Page 1013
One Hundred and Twelfth Regiment/Second Artillery Page 1059
One Hundred and Thirteenth Regiment, Twelfth Cavalry Page 1143
One Hundred and Fourteenth Regiment Page 1183
One Hundred and Fifteenth Regiment Page 1208
One Hundred and Sixteenth Regiment Page 1228
One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment/ Thirteenth Cavalry Page 1267
One Hundred and Eighteenth Regiment Page 1310
1Author: Bates, Samuel Penniman History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-1871. Prepared in compliance with acts of the Pennsylvania legislature. Volume III was printed in 1870. All volumes are on line at the University of Michigan as part of the Making of America project.
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