2nd Provisional Heavy Artillery/

Pennsylvania Volunteers

Roster of Officers

Source:  Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force of the U. S. Army for the years 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, and 1865, Part III.  Published by order of the Secretary of War, in Compliance with the Joint Resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives, Approved March 9, 1865, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, DC, April 31, 1865.

This regiment was organized from the surplus enlisted men of the 2d Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, April 22, 1864. It was consolidated with the 2d Pa. Heavy Artillery, August 26, 1864.


Thomas Wilhelm

Lieutenant Colonel

Benjamin G. Barney


Matthew H. Marsland


John Norris
John Exton
Joseph H. Holman
Christian Siebold
James W. Haig
Reese J. Millard
Bemjamin T. Smiley
John B. Krebs
George W. Webb

First Lieutenants
William B. Phillips, Adjutant
Warnick H. Rose
John Kellow
William H. Dymond
Charles Mowrer
Benjamin P. Emigh
Henry Riehl
James F. Anderson

Second Lieutenants

John Keiley
Samuel Clark
James B. Frick
James W. Bellar
David M. Nieswander
William Davis
William H. De Coursey
Alfred J. Marsland
John F. Harvey


Discharged (1)

Second Lieutenant Stephen S. Begel, August 26, 1864

Died (3)

Captain Samuel H. Davis, killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864
First Lieutenant Thomas C. Shapiro, killed opposite Petersburg, Va., June 17, 1864
First Lieutenant Daniel S. Dublin, July 7, 1864, at Finley Hospital, D. C.







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