1st Light Artillery

Pennsylvania Volunteers

Battery E


Recruited in Blair and Philadelphia Counties


Organized at Philadelphia August 5, 1861, and ordered to Washington, D.C.
Attached to W. F. Smith's Division, Army of the Potomac, October-November, 1861.
Buell's Division, Army of the Potomac, to March, 1862.
Artillery, 1st Division, 4th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, to June, 1862.
Reserve Artillery, 4th Army Corps, to June, 1863.
2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 4th Army Corps, to July, 1863.
United States Forces, Yorktown, Va., Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina, to June, 1864.
Unattached, Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina, to July, 1864.
Artillery Brigade, 18th Army Corps, to August, 1864.
Artillery Brigade, 10th Army Corps, to December, 1864.
Artillery Brigade, 25th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia, to July, 1865.


Duty at Camp Barry and in the Defences of Washington, D.C., till March, 1862.
Advance on Manassas, Va., March 10-15.
Moved to the Virginia Peninsula March.
Siege of Yorktown April 5-May 4.
Battle of Williamsburg May 5.
Battle of Fair Oaks, Seven Pines, May 31-June 1.
Seven days before Richmond June 25-July 1.
Defence of Bottom's Bridge June 25-29.
Malvern Hill July 1.
At Harrison's Landing till August 16.
Retreat from the Peninsula August 16-24.
Garrison duty at Yorktown and Gloucester till April, 1864.
Dix's Peninsula Campaign June 26-July 8, 1863.
Expedition to Matthews County October 4-9, 1863, and to Gloucester Court House December 11-15, 1863.
At Williamsburg, Va., April, 1864, and in Defences of Yorktown till July.
Ordered to join 18th Army Corps in the field July 5.
Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond July, 1864, to April, 1865.
Chaffin's Farm, New Market Heights, and Fort Harrison September 28-30.
Near Richmond September 30.
In trenches before Richmond till April, 1865.
Duty dismantling forts and removing Ordnance till July. Mustered out July 20, 1865.


Lost 2 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 21 Enlisted men by disease.


Source:  Dyer, Frederick H. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion Compiled and Arranged from Official Records of the Federal and Confederate Armies, Reports of he Adjutant Generals of the Several States, the Army Registers, and Other Reliable Documents and Sources.Des Moines, Iowa: The Dyer Publishing Company, 1908

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