Washington Artillery

Recruited at Pottsville
Mustered in April 18, 1861, Harrisburg


The Washington Artillery was organized at Pottsville, in July, 1842, under Captain (since Brigadier General) James Nagle. At the breaking out of the Mexican war, its services were tendered to the Governor, and accepted. Its ranks being immediately recruited to the maximum number, it was, on the 15th of December, 1846, mustered into the service of the United States at Pittsburg, as company " B," 1st regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. Francis M. Wynkoop, hitherto a private in the ranks of the Artillerists, was elected Colonel of the regiment. Retiring from Mexico with thinned ranks, the company was mustered out, at Philadelphia, on the 27th of July, 1848, and the scarred veterans were received at Pottsville with honors befitting the brave.

Cherishing 'esprit du corps', and proud of their history, the organization and drill of the company was studiously maintained, their ranks being continually recruited from the young men desirous of emulating their valor. On several occasions the company was called out to assist in quelling disturbances, which the civil authorities were unable to repress, and always performed this disagreeable duty in a manner to command the confidence and gratitude of all law abiding citizens.

James Wren, Captain
David A. Smith, First Lieutenant
Francis B. Wallace, Second Lieutenant
Henry C. Russell, First Sergeant
Joseph A. Gilmour, Second Sergeant
Cyrus Sheetz, Third Sergeant
William J. M'Quade, Fourth Sergeant
Gressang, G. H. Quarter Master Sergt.
Delaplain J. Ridgway, First Corporal
Samuel R. Russel, Second Corporal
Charles Hinkle, Third Corporal
Reuben Snyder, Fourth Corporal
Albert F. Bowen, Musician
Thomas Severn, Musician


Alspach, Henry L.
Auman, William
Bannan Frank
Barth, J. F.
Bartolett, Richard.
Bates, William
Beard, Samuel.
Beck, Charles E.
Betz, Joel H.
Bobbs, Henry
Bosbyshell, Oliver C.
Bowen, Alexander S.
Boyer, David
Brandt, Jeremiah B.
Bratton, G. Wilson
Brobst, Henry
Brown, David B.
Brown, William
Burns, Anthony
Christ, Frederick
Christian, Benjamin C.
Christian, Daniel
Christian, John C.
Clemens, William W.
Cole, William
Corby, Thomas
Curry, John
Degan, William
Dentzer, Henry
Dentzer, Philip T.
Dewees, Francis P.
Douglas, Lewis
Downing, Henry K.
Drake, Nelson
Eagan, William
Engle, John.
Evans, Charles
Feger, William J.
Fisher, Peter
Frailey, Peter H.
Fyant, Joseph
Glenn, Charle A.
Grow, Peter
Hammer, Thomas F. B.
Hanley, Patrick.
Hardell, William H
Hartman, George H.
Hause, Charles.
Hause, Frank
Heffner, Benjamin F.
Heffner, William
Hesser, Charles A.
Hetherington, James R.
Hetherington, John J.
Hill, George H.
Hill, Henry H
Hoffa, John
Huntzinger, Alfred
Irwin, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas
Jones, Benjamin F.
Jones, John
Jones, Thomas
Kear, Joseph
Leib, Edward J.
Leonard, Godfrey.
Lesher, William
llodgson, Richard M.
Loeser, Charles P.
Maize, William F.
Major, Nelson W.
Maurer, Charles
Meyers, George
Moser, Daniel
Myers, Franklin
Nagle, Edward
Nagle, John
Noble, John
Pass, John
Patterson, Theodore H.
Petherick, Thomas, Jr.
Pollock, Curtis C.
Pott, Richard
Potter, Robert F.
Potts, Charles P.
Potts, William Ramsey
Price, Richard
Reed, Joseph
Reese, Augustus Rice, George
Rice, Richard Snyer
Riley, William E.
Seltzer, Francis A
Severn, Edward L.
Severn, Isaac E.
Shippen, Edward J.
Shoener, Samuel
Silliman, James S.
Slingluff, Charles
Smith, Robert.
Snyder, Lewis T.
Spence, William
Stevenson, Hugh
Sticher, Valentine
Syder, Reuben
Thomson, Heber S.
Thoson, Alba C.
Titus, Ambrose H.
Van Horn, Charles
Weaver, John C.
Wernert, Victor
Whitfield, Albert G.
Williams David
Williams, Eli
Source: Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.







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