National Light Infantry

Recruited at Pottsville
Mustered in April 18, 1861, Harrisburg


Organized in the summer of 1831, the National Light Infantry was commanded, successively, by Captains Dean, Shoenfelter, Beard, Bland, Pott, and M'Donald. The interest in the organization, which had, for a time, been impaired, was revived under the skillful management of Captain Frank Pott, and the outbreak of the rebellion found the company in efficient training under Captain M'Donald. Its organization was continued after the three months' term of service had expired, and became company "A" of the 96th veteran regiment.

Edmund M'Donald, Captain
James Russell, First Lieutenant
Henry L. Cake, Second Lieutenant
Louis J. Martin, Second Lieutenant
Lamar S. Hay, First Sergeant
Abram M'Intyre, Second Sergeant
William F. Huntzinger, Third Sergeant
George G. Boyer, Fourth Sergeant
Ernst A. Sauerbrey, First Corporal
Charles C. Russell, Second Corporal
Edward Moran, Third Corporal
Frederick W. Conrad, Fourth Corporal
Downey, D. D.. Q. M. Serg.


Barlett, B. F
Bast, Jacob

Becker, William
Beidleman, William A.
Benedict, John E
Bodafield, John
Britton, Williamt
Buckley, William
Bull, Thomas G.
Burrows, John
Carroll, William
Christian, William A.
Curtin, Patrick.
Dampman, J. J.
De Coursey, George
Deiner, John P.
Deitrich, Jeremiah
Donegan, James
Donegan, John
Dooley, John
Eberle, David
Ellrich, Ernst T.
Eppinger, John,
Evans, James.
Foley, Edmund
Foren, Michael
Forseman, Amos
Garber, George W.
Garrett, Charles F.
Garrett, William F.
Gehring, Henry
Gloss, Levi
Good, Uriah
Goodyear, M.
Hanley, Frank
Hatman, John
Hauser, Herman
Hodgson, William H.
Hoffman, Charles F.
Houck, Thomas G.
Howard, David
Howell, John M.
Hughes, James M.
Irving, William
Johnson, Joseph
Lambert, Enoch
Larkin, Michael
Lashorn, William M.
Lerch, George A.
Lipman, Anthony
Madara, William
Manayan, Lawrence
Marshall, James
M'Cabe, Edward
M'Cool, J. Addison
M'Donald, James E.
Mennig, George W.
M'Ginnes, James P.
Neis, Henry C.
Parker, Thomas H.
Pugh, William
Quinn, Henry
Ranch, John.
Redkey, Charles J., Jr.
Rich, Jonas M.
Richards, M. Edgar

Roberts, William R.
Sammon, James.
Saylor, Emanuel.
Schertle, George.
Schmidt, John
Schoener, Franklin A.
Seltzer, Frederick
Shoemaker, Charles J.
Shoey, Jacob
Simpson, F. W
Simpson, JohnT.
Smith, Alexander
Smith, James R.
Smith, Terrence
Stager, Samuel.
Stodd, John
Thomas, Edward
Trifoos, Elias B
Troy, Ira
Umberhauer, C. F.
Walker, Mark
Weber, Charles
Weber, Louis
Weller, William
Wenrich, Frank.
Womelsdorf, John P.
Yerger, Henry
Source: Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.







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