Logan Guards

Recruited at Lewistown
Mustered in April 18, 1861, Harrisburg


The volunteer company of Logan Guards was organized by Major Daniel Eisenbise, inspector of the 2d brigade, 14th division, Pennsylvania militia. In the month of July, 1858, John B. Selheimer was elected Captain, and commissioned on the 7th of August. The company met for parade and drill about once a month, and participated in volunteer encampments at Lewistown in the fall of 1859, and at Huntingdon in 1860, both under command of Major General Win. H. Kein. It participated in the ceremonies incident to the inauguration of Governor Curtin in January, 1861, and in the reception of Mr. Lincoln, President elect, on the 22d of February following.

At the close of the three months' service it was re-organized under Captain J. A. Mathews, and re-entered the service in the 46th regiment, Colonel Knipe, for three years, remaining as veterans to the close of the war, and participating in the campaigns of Banks, M'Clellan, Pope, Burnside, Hooker, and Sherman. The losses of the company, from all causes, during the war, were one hundred and eleven men; but so well did recruits come forward from the home neighborhood, as they were wanted, that at the close of the war, sixty-eight men and officers were mustered out as veteran volunteers, the rolls showing an aggregate membership of two hundred and forty-seven. The survivors of the organization participated in the flag reception, at Philadelphia, on the 4th of July, 1866, and were assigned to the right of the procession, by Major General Hancock, commanding officer of the day.

John B. Selheimert, Captain
Thomas M. Huling, First Lieutenant
Robert W. Patton, Second Lieutenant
Joseph A. Mathews, First Sergeant
Joseph S. Waream, Second Sergeant
Henry A. Eisenbise, Third Sergeant
William B. Weber, Fourth Sergeant
Elias W. Eisenbise, First Corporal
Porter P. Butts, Second Corporal
John Nolte, Third Corporal
Frederick Hart, Fourth Corporal
Samuel G. M'Laughlin, Musician
Joseph W. Postlethwait, Musician


Alexander, Jesse J.
Benner, William E.
Betts, Robert
Bowsum, William H.
Burns, James D.
Cogley, Jeremiah
Cole, Emanuel
Comfort, Henry
Comfort, Samuel
Cooper, William R.
Cowden, William
D'Armit, Franklin
Dewees, Thomas W.
Eckebarger, James B.
Elberty, George W.
Elberty, W. Asbury
Ferrer, Joseph Bingham
Fessler, Daniel
Fichthorn, Joseph A.
Files, Abraham
Fowler, Owen M.
Freeborn, George M.
Freeborn, William H.
Hart, George
Henry, James W.
Hughes, John
Hunter, John T.
Irwin, William H.
Jackson, James M.
Jones, John W.
Kaiser, Henry F.
Kauffman, John S.
Kinkade, Thomas
Langton, John S.
Laub, Charles E.
Link, Elias W.
Loff, George J.
Marks, Samuel B.
Mathews, Robert A.
M'Cay, William F.
M'Ewen, William, T.
Miller, John S.
Miller, Joseph A.
Mitchell, William G.
M'Kee, John A.
M'Knew, William
M'Laughlin, Samuel G.
Morton, Robert D.
Nail, John A.
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, William A.
Nurse, Thomas A.
Postlethwait, John M.
Price, James
Printz, Henry
Rager, James N.
Rothrock, Bronsen
Scott, Nathaniel W
Sherwood, William
Shull, Chauncey M.
Smith, E. Augustus
Smith, James P.
Smith, Theodore B.
Snyder, George A.
Snyder, Lucien T.
Stahl, Charles W.
Sterrett, Francis R.
Sterrett, James X.
Tice, Gideon M.
Uttly, Thomas M.
Walters, Henry G.
Wasson, David
Waters, Gilbert
Weber, David B.
Wentz, Franklin H
Wertz, David
White, George
William Hopper
Winterod, Philip.
Zeigler, Edwin l.
Source: Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.







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