Planning a trip to Brookville for Research?

Are you planning a research trip to Brookville?  Here are something's that may assist you in your trip and with your research while you're there.

How to get there:

Take exit 13 (Route 36) on Interstate 80 and head south just a ways to the intersection of routes 36 and 322 and make a left.  Down the steep hill and you're in old town Brookville.

Places to see:

Jefferson County Courthouse - located on Main Street (this is the street you'll be on if you followed the directions above).  There is plenty of street parking available all around the courthouse, but remember to bring some change to feed the parking meters.

Jefferson County History Center - located at 172-176 Main Street.  Phone (814) 849-0077

Rebecca M Arthurs Memorial Library - located on Valley Street.  If you followed the directions above, when you get to the bottom of the steep hill coming into Brookville there will be a red-light, make a left onto Valley Street.  The Presbyterian Church sits on the corner so you can't miss it.  The library is up the hill on the left side of the street.  They have a large amount of resource books on Jefferson County that you'll want to see.  Phone (814) 849-5512

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