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Posted Queries for October 2000 

LEASON posted by Ann Arnold on Monday, October 2, 2000

I am searching for information about Rev. Thomas Sharp Leason who was buried in Brookville in 1891. Any assistance is gratefully accepted.


HOLLENBOUGH, SPENCER posted by Carol Davis on Wednesday, October 4, 2000

I am seeking information and birth records for two relatives, CARRIE SPENCER and SOLAME DOUTHIT.
CARRIE SPENCER(1887-1967) was married to Clarence Fye(1885-1971) and they lived all their married life on a farm outside of Reynoldsville, Winslow Twp., Jefferson county. I believe they are both buried nearby in Lakelawn Cemetery. I am not sure if she was born here or in another part of the county. I am also hoping to find the names of her parents along with their birth dates and marriage date.
SOLAME HOLLENBOUGH(1871-1916)was married to Norman B. Douthit(1868-1961) and they lived on a farm near Wishaw, Winslow Twp., Jefferson County. They are buried together at Paridise Methodist-Syphert Cemetery near many other Douthit relitives. I do not know what county Solame was from and because she had her four children late in her life(the first one at 31) she and Norman might have married a little later in life than was usual for the times. I am also looking for her parents names, birthdates, and marriage date.


HOFFMAN posted by Amy Franks on Thursday, October 5, 2000

I am searching for information on James K. Hoffman and Susan (Shannon) Hoffman who moved to Jefferson Co in 1830. According to the Jefferson Co. biographies they were originally from Northampton Co, although I have searched those county records and could find no information about them. I am descended from his son William R. Hoffman. Your information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


STEELE posted by Frances Miller on Thursday, October 5, 2000

There is a James R. Steele, b. Aug 3, 1945, d. Aug 11, 1977 and is buried in Zion Cemetery in Eldred Township, Jefferson County, PA. Who were his parents? I am searching for a James Randolph Steele, b. Aug 22, 1945, son of Randolph Cantley Steele and Ruth Roberts Steele. Could this be my answer? Would appreciate any information. Thank you.


STEELE posted by Frances Miller on Thursday, October 5, 2000

There is a James R. Steele, b. Aug 3, 1945, d. Aug 11, 1977 and is buried in Zion Cemetery in Eldred Township, Jefferson County, PA. Who were his parents? I am searching for a James Randolph Steele, b. Aug 22, 1945, son of Randolph Cantley Steele and Ruth Roberts Steele. Could this be my answer? Would appreciate any information. Thank you in advance.


HULL, WEAVER posted by Erdine Nugent on Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Seeking info for Henry Weaver (b. l798 PA-no other info known to me) who married Elizabeth Hull (b. about l802 PA - no other info). Children were Henry, Jr., Mary, Elias and George B. (twins), Martha, James, David Albert (b. 13 April l831 PA, d. 8 Aug. l892 North Point, Indiana Co. PA, married Elizabeth Postlethwaite), Elizabeth, Nancy, and Catherine. Need parents/siblings for Henry and Elizabeth Hull Weaver.


BOWMAN, UNGERT posted by Ed Cunningham on Wednesday, October 11, 2000

searching for info on a marriage between jacob bowman and elizabeth ungert about 1740 unknown county pennsylvania jacob was born between 1710 and 1720 in germany or switzerland was married in penn 1740 and died in shennandoah county va in 1778 any help is appreciated


FULLER posted by George Barbour on Thursday, October 12, 2000

Eliza/Elizabeth Jane Fuller died May 24, 1941,and is buried in Mead Chapel Cemetery in Brookville. She was born August 24, 1862 and married William McFadden.
She had a brother, George Edward Fuller, 1870-1949, who died in Armstrong County.


STEELE posted by Kate on Friday, October 13, 2000

Looking for information on Matilde (Tillie) Steele b. 6/1/1861 m. 12/29/1886 to F. X. Baxter who's family lived and founded Baxter Pa. in Jefferson Co.
They later moved to Davis WV and had a daughter Grace Baxter who married William Christan Kramer.
They had a daughter Frances Kramer.


ANDERSEN, KESSLER, MOSER, PAGE, WOODHALL posted by Norman Woodhall on Saturday, October 14, 2000

Looking for descendants of John and Mary Woodhall-Emigrated from England about 1881 or 1882. Lived in Adrian and buried in Adrian cemetary. Children were Elizabeth Moser, who lived in Anita-Sarah page who lived in Dubois-Emma Kessler who lived in Chloe, Pa. Charlotte Andersen and Samuel who married Janet Smith in Coalport, lived in Anita, was a mine superintendant and ran the company store. Moved to Bellwood, Pa. around 1910.


FARKASS, FARKIES posted by Jerry Kuranko on Saturday, October 14, 2000

looking for death records of Mike and Maria Farkass/Farkies. In May of 1898 their residence was Winslow Twp. Jefferson Co. PA at that pediod of time they had a daughter name Maria age 17 who married Geroge Kuranko of the same twp.


PENDLETON posted by Donna Campbell on Friday, October 20, 2000

I am looking for information regarding John Pendleton who was born in Brockwayville in 1851. His parents were Daniel and Elizabeth McMinn Pendleton.


BARR, BURKETT, FORD, HUTCHINS, IRWIN, LONG, WALKER posted by Valerie Smithwick on Saturday, October 21, 2000

Almost all of my ancestors were from the Brookville, PA area. Sarah (Dixon)and John Walker (son of Rowland Shevington Walker)came over from England about 1843. Their daughter Sarah (Walker) Ford came over from England about 1849. Their son William Ford married Ella Hutchins,daughter of Myron C. and Olive Rebecca (Pattison) Hutchins. William and Ella Ford's son, Fred W. Ford married Marjorie Mariah Burkett. They were my grandparents. Marjorie Mariah Burkett's parents were George and Eliza Jane (Barr) Burkett. I have received a book on the Burketts dating back to the 1500's, but have little on the Barr family. Eliza Jane had a brother Hugh Barr, and their parents were Harvey and Mariah (Irwin) Barr. I am seeking any information on any of these surnames, as well as the surnames of Fritz, Klein/Kline, Best, Long, Wentling/Wendling, Weeter, and Vogel, from the surrounding areas of Knox, Clarion County, and Wentlings Corners. Thanks,


STAHLMAN posted by Lois Smith on Saturday, October 21, 2000

Looking to find a photo of Jeremiah Stahlman b1794 and married to Catherine Young in 1826. Also looking for Benewell Stahlman b1826 and married to Elizabeth Shaffer in 1851. Anyone willing to share their photos would be greatly appreciated. They are my gg & ggg grandfathers. Thank you. Lois Smith


BENNER, COSGROVE, DEVALLANCE posted by Pamela Pyle on Saturday, October 21, 2000

Looking for families of origin for the following individuals (all lived in or around Jefferson Co. PA during the 1800s):
JOHN BENNER - born 8/29/1800 (location unknown), married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), died 4/2/1881 in Miola, Clarion Co. PA. Elizabeth was born 10/17/1808, died 2/27/1878 in Miola. They had at least three children - George who fought in the Civil War (105th PA Volunteers), Sarah who married a guy named Crispin, and Matilda who married Marcellus G. DeVallance Jr.
GEORGE JACKSON COSGROVE - birth unknown, married Catherine Elizabeth DeVallance 5/5/1892 in PA, died 3/25/1955, Eldon, MO. They had three children - Matilda Alberta who married Jack Priestley, Nellie Johanna who married Frank Latham, and Mildred who died as an infant.
MARCELLUS GEORGE DeVALLANCE SR. - born 7/4/1816 in France, married Abigail Geer 5/30/1841 in Brookville, Jefferson Co., died 1847. They had three children - Martin who fought in the Civil War and married Melissa (maiden name unknown), Nancy who married Hiram Frost, and Marcellus Jr. who also fought in the Civil War and married Matilda Ann Benner.


GRESOCK, KUZMA, MARGETTA, SARGENT posted by Rose Kuzma on Thursday, October 26, 2000

We have a new Website which includes the names above who were born in Jefferson Co,namely: Delancy and baptized in St Adrians Church. They later moved to Sagamore and then Erie


BARR, GASTIN posted by Orvetta Harmon on Friday, October 27, 2000

I am looking for the Gastin family that lived in Jefferson county. I have found Thomas,and William Penn in the Presbyterian baptism records. Benjamin Franklin born 22 Aug 1853, Thomas McClelland born 25 Sep 1863/1864. William Penn according to records was born 29 Feb 1820. William Penn married Mary Jane Barr. I do not know where.


LEASON posted by Twila Smith on Saturday, October 28, 2000

I am also interested in this Rev. Leason. (primarily as a historical link ?? not genealogical link ) although I have no reason to believe he was related to my family. My grandfather was named Arthur Leason COWAN b. 1877 and always called Leason. I believe that this Rev. Leason may have been Presbyterian? Scottish? Irish? since my great grandparents (William and Mary Cummings Cowan) used the name for their eldest son-the first name ARTHUR was a family name (the maiden name) of his great grandmother Mary Arthur(s) Mills who with husband Isaac Mills were pioneer settlers of Brookville and Roseville in the 1830's. Their daughter Paulina Mills m. George W. Cummings. After Isaac Mills died Mary Arthurs Mills married 2. David Orcutt Sr. I have seen the name Leason in the county but have not been able to find any connection of any Leason to our family. I am also interested in the connection of Sharp as a middle name to Rev. Leason as I am seeking information on a Peter Sharp who died in the Civil War and his widow.


HOEH, KELLER posted by Beth Charles on Sunday, October 29, 2000

I am trying to find information on my grandmother.IVA ESTER KELLER. married GEORGE EDWARD HOEH. I only know that she died aprox, dec 1934. in the adrian hospital.any information on this whould be greatly aprecated.


COWAN, HUGHES, SPRAGUE, STAHLMAN posted by Twila Smith on Sunday, October 29, 2000

Naming patterns and genealogy-Name changes
Many times through life people change their names- purposely, accidently or for convenience. Makes the genealogical trail more interesting and DIFFICULT.
I am doing the same thing. Born Twila Marie Cowan I married a Mr. Smith. Don't contact me about Smith as his ancestry is Danish from 1882 to Ohio...
I sometimes have used Twila Marie Cowan Smith or TMCS for genealogy. I have now added to my name- Twila Marie Hughes Cowan Smith and eventually all records public, legally and genealogically will reflect that name change.
Since I am my mother's daughter and have spent 34 years on my Hughes ancestry I believe my mother's name should be a middle name. My name Twila was a Hughes name given for my mother's cousin who died as a newly married nurse-she was from Strattonville. Cowan is my maiden name although I have focused on my paternal grandmother's family-the Stahlman ancestry including Neil and Walters. I am focusing on Sprague my maternal grandmother,too. No one will be forgotten but if you think I have overdone it consider what it could be if I chose to add Stahlman and Sprague to the middle names!!
Genealogists have to collect records to show name changes, consider how the name was given and for whom the individual was named and look at that maiden name. Married women may use the maiden name as an initial. Many drop the name they hated whether it be first or middle. Parents wishing to cause forever name confusion give a horrible?? name and call the child by another...Good Luck with your name problems. TMHCS


DOVERSPIKE, RHODES posted by Chris Barnes on Sunday, October 29, 2000

would like to compare notes with descendants of Henry(1803-1872) & Lydia RHODES DOVERSPIKE late of Oliver Twp., Jefferson Co.


THOMPSON posted by Maryann on Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Am researching a JAMES LOCKWOOD "LOCKY" Thompson, was listed as a foster son of Lee Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Cousins Anthony b.2 Aug. 1894. Where did he come from,who were his birth parents? Where did he go? Am reaching dead ends as to his whereabouts. Please if any of u know of this person please e-mail me. Thank you.


IRVINE, KINDER, STEVENSON, WHELPLEY posted by Charles Stevenson on Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Seeking info on a male KINDER. Son of JOSEPH and SALOME KINDER, who were living in SNYDER twpp. in 1900 census. This male KINDER married ELIZABETH J. (maiden name unknown) chidren were EFFIE ESTELLE, NELLIE, ETHEL, HERMAN and CLEO all born 1890-1906. The family lived in Jefferson Co. according to 1910 census miracode but male is unamed and SALOME is living with them. Thanks for any and all help. Really would like his name. Willing to share info on my surnames if anyone needs.


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