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Posted Queries for January 2000 

PEARCE, PIERCE, SPENCER posted by Michele Wagner on Sunday, January 2, 2000

I am looking for information on the Pearce families in Jefferson Co, PA. I would also like information on the private Pearce cemetary in Jefferson Co, PA. Some Pearce family members married into the Spencer family. Names include Margaret Pierce Spencer, Ephraim Pierce, Edward Pierce, and Margaret Spencer. these individuals were born pre 1840.


HAAG, SMITH posted by John Haag on Tuesday, January 4, 2000

My Great Grandmother was Elizabeth (Mary) SMITH who married Fred W. HAAG in ABT 1882. Her mother and father had the same Smith surnam. William Henry Smith Jr. was her father and Mary Catherine Smith was her mother. She lived her entire life in Walson,Pa on her father's land. Both her mother and father came from Germany.


CAMPBELL, STANTLEY posted by Bonnie Walsh on Thursday, January 6, 2000

Seek info on John C. Campbell and wife Elizabeth Stantley who were in the 1850 census Ringgold twp., Jeferson Co., PA with children Elmira age 10, Obadiah age 8, William age 7, Deborah age 6, John age 4 and Robert age 2. They moved to Morrow and Crawford Co., OH in 1850.Obadiah was born in Ringgold twp in 22 APR 1843. Are three any marriage records for 1840-45 for Ringgold twp.? John may have had a first wife named Catharine Stratton?


BEVERIDGE, FLETCHER, LAMAR, PUNSHON, SHERWOOD, SHOTTEN, SMOUSE, WATKINS posted by Barry Brown on Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Searching for info on Thomas & Esther Fletcher who lived in Eleanor, Jeff. Co. in 1903. Need death dates, burial place. Both came from Durham, England about 1881. Thomas was a coal miner. Other surnames connected are, SMOUSE, SHOTTEN, BEVERIDGE, WATKINS, LAMAR, SHERWOOD. I will share info..


CAMPBELL, HEILBERN, VANCE, ZUFALL posted by Kristie Kuzniar on Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Looking for info on Daniel CAMPBELL (c.1870-c.1930). He married Charlotte ZUFALL (b.1874, prob. Somerset Co.; dau. of Alex ZUFALL and ? HEILBERN). All of their children were born in Punxatawney, which I thought was in Jefferson Co. Their children were: Daniel Charles, Omer Myles, Victor, Earl, Roy, Glen, and Dora Wilhelmina (1899-1993; my great-grandmother.) Sometime when the children were in their teens, Daniel and Charlotte moved the family to Vance's Mill, Fayette Co. There Dora married Clarence Myers VANCE (1897-1960), and they relocated to Greene Co. I need any clues to the CAMPBELL family. Also, any info on these other families is appreciated. Please contact me at


MILLER, PAINTER posted by Brenda Foley on Thursday, January 13, 2000

I am trying to find Painters and Millers from Brockway in Jefferson County. My ggrandmother was Gertrude Miller and she married a Painter. One of their sons was named Thomas. At a later time they moved to Salamanca, NY. I just recently found out that they were from Brockway..


BLAKNEY, CRESSLEY posted by Cathy Resch on Friday, January 14, 2000

Is anyone related to a Catherine Cressley or Edna Blakney in Jefferson County or elsewhere?.


BEERS, ELLENBERGER, GOULD, HOWARD, JACK, SNYDER posted by Bonnie Morris on Friday, January 14, 2000

Trying to connect my Daniel GOULD b. ca 1800 with his lineage. Daniel was born in Armstrong Co. PA but moved to Jefferson Co. PA. He married Mary "Polly" BEERS also born ca 1800. Mary may have been married before Daniel to a man with surname of JACK. When Mary married Daniel GOULD she had a daughter by the name of Margaret JACK b. 1818. Margaret JACK may have been second wife to George ELLENBERGER (1809) and they had a daughter together named Elizabeth (1854) who married a David SNYDER. Daniel GOULD (1800) and Mary had the following children: Sarah (1829) m. Jacob HOWARD; William (1835)um; Nancy (1837)um; David (1840)um; and Mary Elizabeth (1845)um. Any help in locating the BEERS or GOULD families that Daniel or Mary belong to will be greatly appreciated.


BAXTER, DREYER, HENRY, HOFFMANN, HYDE, KUCKAMOSE, MCCARTHY, PHELAN, STEELE posted by Kate Micco on Saturday, January 15, 2000

Does this family ring a bell. They have strong Jefferson Co.ties.........

Descendants of Richard J. ( Brush) Baxter

Generation No. 1

1. RICHARD J. ( BRUSH)9 BAXTER (JOHN WHITLOCK8, JOHN7, PETTIT6, JOHN5, JOHN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, GEORGE1) was born February 22, 1822 in Friendship, Allegany County, New York, and died March 15, 1895 in Pennsylvania. He married (1) MELISSA HYDE January 11, 1846. He married (2) MARGARET KUCKAMOSE November 14, 1846 in St. Marystown, Pennsylvania, daughter of FABIAN KUCKAMOSE and MAGDALEN DREYER.

More About RICHARD J. ( BRUSH) BAXTER: Burial: March 20, 1895, Old Catholic Cemetary , Brookville (His family burial site is front and center of the cemetary)
Funeral: March 20, 1895, The Jeffersonian Democrat accounts that it was "unusually large" and took place at the "Roman Catholic Church at Brookville"
Individual Note 1: Used RJ Baxter as his name instead of Richard Brush Baxter
Individual Note 2: Came to Jefferson Count in the 1850's
Lived: in the town of Baxter near the Train Station
Nickname: Zeke by his family
Occupation: Owner/Operator Lumber Mills through out Pennsylvania
Religion: Member of the Immaculate Conception Church, one of the planners and founders
Residence: Founder of the town of Baxter, Jefferson Co. , Pennsylvania

Burial: Town Cemetery of Friendship
Individual Note: DAR Vol. 231 p. 71 Copied by Hazel M Shear showing Town Cemetary of Friedship ; Baxter, Melissa death at age 21y 11m 2d, spouse Richard


i. MARY MAGDELINE10 BAXTER, b. May 20, 1848, Ridgeway, Pennsylvania; m. MARTIN C. PHELAN, July 16, 1890, Brookville, Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania.

More About MARY MAGDELINE BAXTER: Nickname: Mame Residence 1: 1913, Reynoldsville Residence 2: 1929, Apperson, Oklahoma

ii. JOHN WILLIAM BAXTER, b. September 19, 1850, Summerville, Pennsylvania; d. December 23, 1915; m. MARY MC CARTHY.

More About JOHN WILLIAM BAXTER: Full Name: Was actually John Whitlock Baxter according to Fraces Baxter's Book. On his funeral card he used John William Residence: Gilfoyle

iii. VINCENT KARL BAXTER, b. August 30, 1853, Summerville, Pennsylvania; d. 1926; m. SARAH (SALLIE) HENRY.

More About VINCENT KARL BAXTER: Nickname: Bink

iv. FRANCIS XAVIER BAXTER, b. May 15, 1856, Baxter, Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania; m. TILLIE STEELE, December 29, 1886.

More About FRANCIS XAVIER BAXTER: Nickname: Pete Residence: 1907, Davis, West Virginia

v. MARION SUSAN BAXTER, b. June 07, 1859; d. October 05, 1929; m. NEVER.

vi. JOSEPHINE CLOTHILDE BAXTER, b. February 18, 1862, Baxter, Pennsylvania; d. January 26, 1933, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; m. JOSEPH HENRY HOFFMANN, January 26, 1886, Brookville, Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania.

More About JOSEPHINE CLOTHILDE BAXTER: Education: Lucas School, Baxter Pennsylvania Nickname: Jo, Josie

vii. BERNARD BENNET BAXTER, b. October 30, 1866; d. November 1866, 3 weeks old.

More About BERNARD BENNET BAXTER: Burial: In the field by the house as he was not baptized a Catholic before he died

viii. CATHERINE BURNAS BAXTER, b. December 28, 1867; m. NEVER.

More About CATHERINE BURNAS BAXTER: Nickname: Kitt

ix. BERTON BENADICT BAXTER, b. March 15, 1870; d. May 20, 1880.

More About BERTON BENADICT BAXTER: Cause of Death: brain fever

x. JAMES LEWIS BAXTER, b. March 25, 1874; d. June 07, 1886, Brookville, Pennsylvania.

More About JAMES LEWIS BAXTER: Cause of Death: a drowning Tombstone: States age of death 12y 2m 13d Old Catholic Cemetary, Brookville Pennsylvania


BAXTER, DOWLING, HELLER, HOFFMANN, MARTIN, REITER, WHITE, WOODS posted by Kate Micco on Saturday, January 15, 2000

Hope to find some new connections to these Jefferson Co. folks in my line.

Descendants of Jacob Hoffmann

Generation No. 1

1. JACOB3 HOFFMANN (JOHANNAS2, PETER1) was born October 12, 1815 in Alzweiler, Germany near the convent Toley, Sichtenburg-Dukedom of Sacony/Coburg/Gotha, and died April 28, 1891 in Brookville, Pennsylvania. He married MARY JOSEPHA REITER September 12, 1841 in Rochester, New York by Fraz Simon Landrel, daughter of CONRAD REITER and ANNA JAEGER.

Notes for JACOB HOFFMANN: Jacob left his parents and eight siblings in Alzweiler with 60 Prussian Thalers, given to him by his father to pursue the dream of going to America.* He left on June 1, 1836 to go to France.** He boarded the ship "Sochnigham" on July 19, 1836 and landed in New York on August 17, 1836. He was married in Rochester, New York on September 12, 1841. He moved to*** Warsaw, Pennsylvania on October 10, 1843. The trip took 6 days.

*The Dukedom of Sacony-Colburg-Gotha "ceded" to Prussia in 1834 **Jacob's bible said "Le Harve France". Joseph Henry his son made notes that it was "Harve de Grace" ***Warsaw township

More About JACOB HOFFMANN: Burial: Old Catholic Cemetary, Brookeville Hobbies: Lilly Pond on farm in Brookville Pa. Occupation: Farmer,Sheriff, Mechant,School Teacher

More About MARY JOSEPHA REITER: Burial: Old Catholic Cemetary , Brookville Pennsylvania Cause of death:: "attack of paralysis" Funeral: Immaculate Conception Church, Brookville PA


i. JOHN CONRAD4 HOFFMANN, b. December 03, 1842, Warsaw, Pennsylvania; d. April 27, 1903, Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania; m. NEVER.

More About JOHN CONRAD HOFFMANN: Associations:: Life long Democrat Baptism: March 01, 1844, Brookville, PA Rev. Laddy Burial: Old Catholic Cemetary , Brookville Pennsylvania Hobbies: "a great reader" & "great intrest in politics" as stated in his obituary Individual Note: "Very quiet and unassuming" as stated in his obituary Occupation: "moulder by trade" stated in his obituary Residence: Fifth Street Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania at the time of his death

ii. JOSEPHINE HOFFMANN, b. September 04, 1844, Brookville, Pennsylvania; d. June 13, 1930, Eldred, Pennsylvania (Brookville R. D. 5); m. JOHN WOODS, May 22, 1870, Unknown performed by Rev. Weinkler.

More About JOSEPHINE HOFFMANN: Burial: New Catholic Cem. Brookville Residence: Eldred, Pennsylvania (Brookville R. D. 5)

More About JOHN WOODS: Burial: New Catholic Cem. Brookville Military service: Co. K. 62 PA Vol. Inf. Residence: October 1904, Eldred Pennsylvania

iii. ISABELLA ANNA MARIE HOFFMANN, b. December 23, 1846; d. January 24, 1847.

iv. LUCY HOFFMANN, b. December 11, 1847; d. May 05, 1917; m. FRANCIS J. MARTIN.

v. ELIZABETH HOFFMANN, b. October 19, 1850; d. July 31, 1933, Gadsden, Alabama; m. NEVER.

More About ELIZABETH HOFFMANN: Baptism: November 19, 1850 Burial: Gadsden, Alabama Individual Note: twin to Ferdinand Nicknamed: Lizzie

vi. FERDINAND HOFFMANN, b. October 19, 1850, Brookville, Pennsylvania; d. February 11, 1927, Brookville, Pennsylvania; m. SARA ALICE WHITE, September 19, 1898, Brookville, Pennsylvania Immaculate Conception Church.

More About FERDINAND HOFFMANN: Burial: New Catholic Cemetary Brookville Pennsylvania Cause of death:: from complications from a "carbuncle" on his back Fact 2: Baptized11/19/1850 Hobbies: Snake Charmer Individual Note: twin to Elizabeth Nicknamed: Ferd Occupation: Vetenarian

vii. MICHAEL SYLVESTER HOFFMANN, b. November 17, 1853; d. August 14, 1936; m. NEVER.

More About MICHAEL SYLVESTER HOFFMANN: Entered as a religious: January 26, 1884, Brother Declan Joseph

viii. JAMES J. HOFFMANN, b. May 19, 1856; d. October 12, 1934, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; m. SINGLE.

More About JAMES J. HOFFMANN: Cause of death (Facts Page): October 12, 1934, Accident on Dr. Norbert's farm near Butler Entered as a religious: Brother Jeremy Individual Note: Built the alter in the convent and painted the frescos of Immaculate Conception Church

More About SINGLE: Fact 2: Known as Brother Jeremy-Christian Brothers Fact 3: "He returned to the world to care for his mother and sisters. Occupation: Died in Pittsburg due to an accident on Dr. Norbert's farm

ix. JOSEPH HENRY HOFFMANN, b. November 08, 1858, Brookville, Pennsylvania; d. August 16, 1927, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; m. JOSEPHINE CLOTHILDE BAXTER, January 26, 1886, Brookville, Pennsylvania Immaculate Conception Church.

x. ANNA MARGARET HOFFMANN, b. March 06, 1861; d. July 08, 1911, Brookville, Pennsylvania.

More About ANNA MARGARET HOFFMANN: Funeral: card said she died in Pittsburg PA Individual Note: Letter written by Laurence J. Hoffmann to his sister in 8/24/1986 Stated "Maggie" died in Gadsden and was brought up for buriel in Brookville

xi. HELEN CLARA HOFFMANN, b. January 25, 1863, Brookville, Pennsylvania; d. October 21, 1904, Rose Township, Pennsylvania; m. PETER JOHN HELLER, May 28, 1889, Brookville, Pennsylvania, Immaculate Conception.

More About HELEN CLARA HOFFMANN: Burial: 10/23/04 Old Catholic Cemetary,Brookville, Pennsylvania Cause of death:: Typhoid Fever (Her Husband and two children had the disease prior to her and recovered)

More About PETER JOHN HELLER: Burial: June 24, 1944, Old Catholic Cemetary , Brookville Pennsylvania

xii. CASPER FRANCIS HOFFMAN, b. August 04, 1866, Brookville, Pennsylvania; d. March 08, 1947, Gadsden.Alabama; m. (1) MARY JANE DOWLING, September 23, 1891, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania St. Mary's; m. (2) TERESA DRISCOLL, Aft. 1918.

More About CASPER FRANCIS HOFFMAN: Burial: Forrest Cemetary, Gadsden, Alabama Nicknamed: Pap Occupation: Saw Mill Owner, then Jewelery Store Owner/Operator Religion: Roman Catholic Residence: Moved to Gadsden on the advice of his brother Joseph for Health Reasons... Per Wm. Seibenrock Jr.

More About MARY JANE DOWLING: Burial: Forrest Cemetary, Gadsden, Alabama Nicknamed: Mame Religion: Roman Catholic


DORMEYER, DORMIRE, SCHMEYER, SMYERS posted by Vicki Rush on Saturday, January 15, 2000

I have a John Sheasley who married Nancy Jane Dormire abt 1882 in Jefferson, PA. Do you have any connection? I have lots on Nancy and nothing on John..


HERRIG, JAMES, MCMILLAN, SHIREY posted by Monica Jennings on Sunday, January 16, 2000

Seeking info on Mallie Elzena James b 14 Dec 1871 in Brookville, Jefferson, PA. I only know her father's last name, James. Her mother was Elizabethe Mc Millan who remarried a George Miller. Mallie married Edward M. Shirey and later married John Herrig.


BOWSER, COSLETT, JAMES posted by Kathy Addis on Monday, January 17, 2000

I am looking for information on the family of Joseph & Mary (James) Coslett. They both were born in Wales but resided in Jefferson Co., PA 1850 until ? Son Jacob b. 1820, Wales, m. Mary Ann Bowser in 1856 in PA. Children of Jacob & Mary Ann (Bowser) Coslett: Franklin B. was b. 1851, Jefferson Co., PA., John M. b. 1858, Margaret b. 1859, Calvin P. b. 1865, Martha E. b. 1868, Jefferson Co., PA & Ella M. b. 1873.


LOWRY, MCCULLOUGH, RUFFNER, SMAIL, WILLIAMS posted by Paul Bauer on Monday, January 17, 2000

John WILLIAMS(1835-1910) married Elizabeth RUFFNER(1838-1929) in 1859 and lived in Corsica, Jefferson County for the birth of most of their fifteen children. Later moved to Hawthorne Boro, Clarion county. John was the son of Joseph WILLIAMS(abt 1800-1850) and Mary SMITH.

WILLIAMS children and birth years: Mary Cora(1860), Anna May(1861)md Curt MCCULLOUGH, James Harvey(1863), Emma Catherine(1864), Joseph Andrew(1866), Sarah Isabelle(1868), Olive Corintha(1869), Agatha Beatrice(1871) md ? SMAIL, Frank Charles(1874), Mary Veronica(1876) md Robert LOWRY, John Arthur(1877), Edward Reid(1879), Peter Augustus(1880), Blaine Lamont(1884), Grace Henrietta(1885). Would like to share any information on this family.



I'm also looking for information on these families. My gggg-grandfather, Daniel Cover Spencer married Lydia Pierce (or Pearce). I may have some information to swap! Please let me know if I can help! For information on the Pearce Cemetary, try checking out She has listings on many cemetaries including the Pearce Cemetary..


BILLINGS, COBAUGH, COBOUGH, DOWD, MCMANIGLE, REDDICK, REDICK, SHOOK, WELLS posted by Bonita Hillmer on Monday, January 17, 2000

Just an update. As of today, I have confirmed that Mary COBAUGH who married James Fones WELLS was indeed married to a Henry COBAUGH who died in April 1850 in Clarion, Pennsylvania. She had two minor children: Elizabeth Catherine (went by Catherine) b: 1847 and Henry b: 1849/1850. Catherine married a Timothy BILLINGS in 1869 in Niles, Iowa and Henry (we believe) married a Miss SHOOK..


BLACKBURN, SULLIVAN posted by Louise McWhirt on Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Searching for any info on James Heysham SULLIVAN m Mary BLACKBURN Nov 11, 1836, Jefferson Co.,PA. James b 1788, Mary b 1805. These may be my lost gggrandparents. ANY info will be greatly appreciated.


KELLY, MCINIES, WACHOB posted by Anne Ortz on Friday, January 21, 2000

Samuel P. Kelly was born 10-24-1799 in Jefferson Co. He died 8-22-1894 in Armstrong Co. He married Elizabeth M. McInies 12-21-1827. He married Sarah Wachob 11-11-1839. Looking for parents of all three of these people..


GEIST, WONDERLING posted by Darla Kelly on Friday, January 21, 2000

Would like to hear from anyone connected to these names. My grandparents were Cain Theodore Wonderling, son of Charles and Mary Elizabeth (Fike) Wonderling. Cain married Louise Elizabeth Geist, daughter of Cornelius and Mary Jane (Hice) Geist. My grandparents were both born in Jefferson County..


BLISS, CHRISTIE, HUGHES, MOTTER, SMITH, WILSON, ZIMMERMAN posted by Nancy Rudolph on Friday, January 21, 2000

Seeking family of my gg Curtis Elmer Smith b 1868 to Sarah Motter and Emanuel Smith. Curtis later married Hattie Edith Wilson daughter of John Christie Wilson and Elizabeth Bliss.

According to Curtis' death certificate in 1938 Erie, Erie, PA, he was born in Jefferson County. I know the family moved around to lumber camps in PA and WVA.

As his wife Hattie was born in Jefferson and lived in Emerickville and Falls Creek, I tend to believe she gave correct info on parent's names.

Curtis'known siblings are: Calvin and William, a reference to a sister in an obit lists her as Mrs. George Wilson


BARGERSTOCK, ELLENBERGER, GALBRAITH, HOUSER, RUPP, SNYDER posted by Libby Bargerstock-Grimm on Sunday, January 23, 2000

Looking for the family of John Y. Snyder who married Sarah Ellenberger. Children: Clinton Snyder married Emma Reed, Samuel, Otis, Boyd, Albert, Annie widow of Boyd Stahlman, May wife of Charles Campbell & Orrin. Sarah Ellenberger was the daughter of Charles Ellenberger and Anna Elizabeth Bargerstock. John Y. Snyder was from Jefferson Co.,Pa. John Y. Snyder and Sarah Ellenberger are buried in St. James Lutheran Church Cemtery, Jefferson Co.Pa.


ADAMS, BARTLEBAUGH, BRINK, HUEY, PEACE, SPENCER posted by Cathy Spencer on Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Thanks to some helpful and wonderful people and the information that they gave me, I'm looking for more information on Bessie Catherine Brink born 1877 died 1917 and married to James Adams born 1870. Bessie was the daughter of John Brink born 1826. John Brink was married 1st wife unknown 2nd wife Elizabeth born 1848. John is the son of Benjamin Brink born 1800. James Adams was the son of John B. Adams and Eliza Jane( Brink) Adams. Eliza Jane was a Brink. Who is she? Does anyone know? The later branches of this family lived in and around Indiana County & Jefferson County, PA..



Searching for STAHLMAN descendants and related families. John STAHLMAN Sr.( bca.1758-1823)and wife Eleanor of Schuylkill co. Pa.had 11 children- 1. Solomon who went to Huntingdon Co. Pa.(but his son Simon to Jefferson co.) 2. Jeremiah Stahlman b. 1794 3. John Stahlman Jr. b. 1797 4. Samuel b. 1803 5. Jacob b. 1805( my branch of family) 6. Gabriel Stahlman b. 1807. John SR. and Eleanor had 5 daughters-one ,Nancy married Henry Schuckers and had descendants in Jefferson co.

These Stahlman brothers had large families who lived in Limestone, Redbank Twp. Clarion co. and by 1850's were in all townships of western Jefferson county. More descendants live in Jefferson county in past 150 years.Database over 10,000 descendants. Jacob Stahlman b. 1805and Anna Maria Reed descendants- volume one of Stahlman family published 1994. 2 more volumes planned.About 75% of STAHLMAN descendants in SS index and phone books across U.S.A. belong to this Stahlman family.

MISSING-Catherine Stahlman bca. 1820's lived in Eldred Twp. d/o John Stahlman JR. She married a WARNER or WOOMER before 1850 possibly his first name John. Where did they settle? Children?

MISSING-Sarah Stahlman bca. 1845? d/o Samuel Stahlman lived Limestone Twp. m. Mr. HILLIARD. No further trace of this family. Did descendants live Jefferson or Clarion co. where?

Missing-thousands of other Stahlman descendants who intermarried with Shaffer, Himes, Dinger, Bowersox, Snyder,Carroll, Wadding, Swab families of Jefferson county.


THOMAS posted by Charmaine Headlee on Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Hi, I am trying to locate further information concerning my grandfather's side of his family. I have information back to his greatgrandfather, from then on I'm stuck. My grandfather was Leo Lester Thomas born:6-21-1897 died: 7-20-69. He was the tenth child of twelve children of John J. Thomas born 3-23-1853 Beaver Twp., Pa died 10-12-1907...was killed when a boiler exploded at Patton's Station near Brookville, PA. Married Catherine (Saucerman or Souseman or Sauserman)on 7-16-1876 she was born 4-12-1855 died 2-11-1931...They are both buried in Zion cemetery, Langville, PA. His Grandparents were Eli Thomas born 4-26-1820 died 4-25-1891 married Lucy Anne (shaffer or Schaffer)in 1842 Beaver TWP., PA. Great-Grandparents were John Thomas born 1796 died? and Christina (Brosius) Thomas born 1801 died 3-1899 Beaver Twp., Jefferson Co. PA. If you can help with any information it would greatly be appreciated. Thank You, Charmaine HeadleeSent: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 4:51 PM


FIKE, SHAFFER, SMITH posted by Jerilyn Henderson on Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Looking for documentation of a marriage of Mary Ann Smith daughter of Joseph Smith and Hannah Smith[nee,Shaffer]of Jefferson County, John Henry Fike.Circa1865..


TAPPER posted by Deborah Logsdon on Thursday, January 27, 2000

I'm searching for any information on the Tapper family from the Reynoldsville area. I have traced the family to Philip N. Tapper. They moved there from Philadelphia. If any one has any information please contact me. Thank you.


ANTHONY, ORTZ posted by Anne Ortz on Thursday, January 27, 2000

John Kelly Ortz, resident of Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co., PA married Amanda Anthony from Deanville, Armstrong Co., PA on Oct. 30, 1890, in Kittanning, PA. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Would like to share/compare notes..



Have pictures from an old photo album that I inherited. Will be happy to send scan of pictures, but would really like to see if there is a family connection. Pictures should all be from Clarion or Jefferson Counties in PA, from Niles, Floyd County in Iowa or South Dakota near Pierre or Blunt.


COBAUGH, PIERCE, WELLS posted by Bonita Hillmer on Thursday, January 27, 2000

I have a picture of a Jim PIERCE and trying to determine how he has related to my Jefferson County, PA ancestors, James Fones WELLS, wife, Mary (Waters) COBAUGH and their daughters Jane (McManigle), Margaret (O'Dowd), Anne (Hillmer), and Persis (Redick)..


HILLMER, KENNEDY, ODOWD posted by Bonita Hillmer on Thursday, January 27, 2000

I have a picture of a "Mrs. Kennedy" with Ab McCRACKEN, Anna (Wells) HILLMER and Margaret (Wells) ODOWD..


HAMAKER, THAYER, WEBER posted by Janet Reed on Friday, January 28, 2000

Looking for family of Sophia WEBER, b. abt. 1850-60 in Reynoldsville, PA (probably) and d. 1909 in Bradford, PA. Married Wesley HAMAKER, b. 1856, son of John Hamaker. Had three children, Letty, George, and Mabelle.


GROVES, MCMINN, NEIGER posted by Gloria Bushong on Sunday, January 30, 2000

I am researching the GROVES, MCMINN AND NEIGER FAMILIES OF Jefferson County, Pennsylvania and the area of LANES MILLS, THE BEECHWOODS, AND RIDGWAY. This is my line. Looking for other connected to these people:

JAMES MCMINN born July 25, 1819 in Groga, County Fermanagh, Ireland s/o WILLIAM MCMINN SR. AND ELEANOR TAYLOR married in October 3, 1850 to ELIZABETH GROVES d/o DANIEL GROVES AND JANE CANNING born December 12, 1831 in County Donegal near Londonderry, Ireland. JAMES AND ELIZABETH MCMINN HAD 11 CHILDREN:

1. (My grandparents) JANE ELIZABETH MCMINN BORN MARCH 28, 1870 MARRIED EDWIN PETER NEIGER WHO WAS BORN IN SULLIVAN COUNTY, NEW YORK s/o ANDREW (ANDREAS) and ANNA STEINER NEIGER of Meiringen, Canton Bern, Switzerland) who immigrated to Sullivan County, probably in the 1840s.

2. ELEANOR ANN MCMINN born May 17, 1852 married twice: PETER HYER & IRA A. BOWDISH.

3. DANIEL ALEXANDER MCMINN born February 17, 1854 married to EMMA A. LENSINBIGLER.

4. WILLIAM JOHN MCMINN born April 8, 1856 married to MARY JANE HUMPHREYS.

5. WILHEMINA MCMINN born September 19, 1858 married to W. HENRY HERMAN.

6. JAMES TAYLOR MCMINN born February 8, 1860 married to MARGARET CREIGHTON.

7. THOMAS G. MCMINN born February 24, 1863 married to OLIVE J. WHALEN.

8. SARAH FRANCES MCMINN born September 16, 1865 married to MORRISON FISHER.

9. ROBERT COOK MCMINN born December 30, 1868 married to ELIZA JANE MCINTOSH.

10. CHARLES PHINEAS MCMINN born February 5, 1873 married to LUCY AMELIA KOHLER.

11. JEREMIAH SAMUEL MCMINN born December 16, 1875. Died in his teens.


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