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Posted Queries for February 1997 

GIBSON, LEWIS, MORGAN posted by Glenna Colwell on Saturday, February 1, 1997

My great grandfather was Edward LEWIS, my great grandmother was Mary MORGAN LEWIS. They lived in Winslow twp. Edward was a civil war veteran and applied for a pension due to contracting rhemetism while serving in the army. There were 5 children on the 1880 census. Edward born cr1832, Mary born cr1844, children: George 1861, Catherine/Lucetta cr 1866, Elmer cr 1868, David 1872, Orin cr 1876. Edward, Mary, Catherine and Orin parished in a house fire in 1884. Guardianship papers in Co., courthouse for Elmer and David naming C.C.GIBSON as guardian. Any help in confirming the familys death and their ancestry would be appreciated.


ANKENY, APPLE, BLEY, MEANS, ROSENBERGER posted by Michelle Bley on Sunday, February 2, 1997

Researching the following families: Calvin BLEY, b. 3 Jan 1863 in Indiana, PA, d. 1931 in Punxsutawney, PA, m. Deliah J. MEANS. John BLEY, daughter Jennie R. BLEY, d. 20 Nov 1907 m. Samuel J. APPLE. Ada BLEY b. Punxsutawney, PA, d. 18 Sep 1928 in Philadelphia, PA m. N. N. ROSENBERGER of Punxsutawney, PA. Helen Hughes BLEY b. Punxsutawney, PA, d. Sept. 1941 in Pittsburgh, PA m. George Robert ANKENY.


WADDING posted by Sandy Wadding on Sunday, February 2, 1997

I am looking for old photos of Brookville's Fire Department in 1919. I am mostly interested in finding a photo of the Vice President in 1919 who soon after was chosen president. He also served as chief since its organization untill his death in 1929 His name was Albert M WADDING Any info would be helpful i have tried writting the Fire Dept and did notgetan answer.Thank You Sandy Wadding


BISH, DEAN, FREEDLINE, HARMON, WOLFGANG posted by Sherry Jesberger on Friday, February 7, 1997

Seeking descendents of the following: James and Lena (BISH) DEAN, in Clover Twp., Jefferson Co. in 1850. Also, George and Elizabeth (BISH)WOLFGANG, in Beaver T in 1850. Jacob and Lydia (BISH) FREEDLINE, in PineCreek T in 1850.. Jacob must have died, and Lydia remarried to John HARMON in 1854.


FRANK, GOODMAN posted by Ann Drown on Sunday, February 9, 1997

Searching for information on the parents of Rebecca GOODMAN. Shewas married to Max FRANK and had at least one daughter, Fannie E.FRANK, born 1889 in Punxsutawney, PA. I would like to correspond also with anyone with knowledge of the Jewish community in Punxsutawney in the late 1800's.


LEHMAN posted by Daniel Young on Wednesday, February 12, 1997

Seeking information on Josiah LEHMAN and family. Moved to Jefferson County, PA in 1834 from Anneville area, Lebanon County, PA. Wife unknown.Daughter: Anna B. LEHMAN, b. 1810, d 1837. Thanks for your help.


LEHMAN posted by Daniel Young on Wednesday, February 12, 1997

Seeking information on Josiah LEHMAN and family. Moved to Jefferson County, PA in 1834 from Anneville area, Lebanon County, PA. Wife unknown. Daughter: Anna B. LEHMAN, b. 1810, d 1837. Thanks for your help.


WEBER posted by Eleanor Mitchell on Monday, February 17, 1997

Charles August WEBER GGrandfather born January 28 1845. Married Catherine BUCHITE November 1 1866 Her birth day November 14 1850. Died January 28 1881 30 years 2 months 14 days old.
Children:Joseph G. WEBER born Sept. 3 1867--Died September 5 1892 age 25 years 2days No issue
David Solomon-Born April 8 1869 Died January 7 1884 age 14 years 8 months28 days
Jacob Milton Born October 3 1870 Died September 1871 11 months old.
John Frederick born September 5 1872 Married only a short time Wife died in 1918 with typhoid Fever Farmer died with cancer February 3 1952 Buried in Stevenville, Montana.
GRANDFATHER Charles August WEBER born August 9 1874 Died February3 1951 buried at Stevenville, Montana Died of cancer of the lungs.Married Lena Lucy LUMBARD November 18 1899 Lucy born May 14 1882 At Canesteo, NewYork Married at Butte, Montana Died November 15 1975 buried at Stevenville, Montana
Amos Milton born May 31 1877 Died at the age of 3 years 8 months 14days May 31 1882.
James William Born August 13 1879 married Nellie Gouff of Penn they had18 children Died April 30 1973 Buried at Hamblton Montana.
Farmer Charles 2nd marriage was to Mary ? She died soon after marriage. 3rd marriage Elizabeth Sunderlin Born May 24 1848 Died April 17 1883Charles died November 14 1883

There were 42 WEBER's in the U.S. in 1800 census. Most of the Weber'scame from Germany. About 1850 they settled in Luthersburg and Troutville Penn.this was referred to as little Germany.
The first white settlers came to Stump Creek about 1790. This was thetime that Germany was in war with Napoleon of France. He was killing all thewealthy people and our family fled to Holland. Then to America this is why we were called Penn Dutch. The first WEBER came alone to live with the Indians at Troutville,Clearfield county Penn. for 15 years. He was able then to send for the family. His Mother had died and only the brothers and Father came.

In 1878 these were the WEBER's that were of our family. Henry Weber 125 acres Luthersburg, Born in Germany. L.H. Weber 50 acres same same
Henery W. Weber 54 acres Troutville same
G.J. Weber 100 acres same same
Godfrey Weber 58 Acres same same
John Weber retired same Same
Second family.
Fred Weber 1803 lived south of Debois Penn.
G.A. Weber 50 acres Luthersburg Born in U.S. Penn
The Jefferson county atlas shows the estate of P.Weber 131 acres of timber land belonged to Grandfather Weber, Charles Sr.
H.W Weber 50 acres South Troutville Pa.
G.H. Weber 50 acres about the fork of the road West of Liberty and Sykesville Penn.
J.L.Weber 91 Acres S. W. of Salem Penn,
Grandmother Catherene Buchite Married 1866, came from the P.J.Buchite who had 120acres west of U.S. 119 near Sykeville.

Henry Weber born 1860 in Germany at the age of 8 came to U.S.A. with parents Godfrey and Catherine Schmidt . They located on 175 Acres of wild land in Brady township south east of Dubois. Godfery died in 1849 His wife died in 1851 Henry Weber Married in 1851 to Catherine Zelleox, Daughter of Charles and Mary Zelleox, of the township of Brady.
Henrys' Children were--
Lewis B. Weber born 1853.
Sarah B. Weber born 1854.
Godfery born 1856. He married Minnie Brubaker of Rockton, Pa.
Mary born 1858 Married August Heckman a native of Germany.
William born 1860 Married Katie Zelleox.
Charles born 1866 Married Flora Pentz
Children Lydia, George Francis.

Charles August WEBER, My Father, in childhood was raised with H.R. Knarr Who livednear My fathers family. Henry Knarr had 15 children. He was a native of Germany. Hiswife was Catherine Marshall also from Germany. Mr. Knarr moved his family to Dubois,Pa. Which was known as Rumburger. He sat up a shop for tailoring and was verysuccessful. He sold out in 1882 Plotted the addition to Dubois known as Knarr additionHe named the streets Knarr, Weber, Shaffer , Olive, and Church, He helped my father get started in Montana in the early 1900,.


DOUGLAS, SHIELDS posted by TJ Shumaker on Tuesday, February 18, 1997

James SHIELDS and Margaret DOUGLAS. James was born @1732 in Adams co. He died on April 13, 1847 in Punxy one day shy of being 115 years old. Margaret was born @ 1771 and died 1827. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


DIETZ, VOLK posted by Nancy Hardy on Sunday, February 23, 1997

Any reference to a John VOLK and a John DIETZ family, both of whom arrived 1875 +/-5 years. VOLK left for Gary 1920, parents of both died in Puncy. Help apprec'd


BISH, GUTHRIE, MYERS posted by Karen Haskett on Sunday, February 23, 1997

I am researching MYERS and GUTHRIE families who lived next to each other in Beaver Twp Jefferson County. Hoping to find additional information concerning George MYERS b 1831 in Northumberland County married Julia GUTHRIE daughter of James and Elizabeth (BISH) GUTHRIE. Who are George MYERS' parents and siblings? Also need marriages of MYERS children. Mary E., Matilda, Clinton, James, and Nancy. Thank you.


GUTHIE, MYERS posted by Karen Haskett on Sunday, February 23, 1997

Researching MYERS family in Beaver Twp. Jefferson County. George Myers b. 1831- married Julia GUTHIE. Seeking more information on MYERS decendants in Jefferson County.


HAMAKER, HAMMACHER, SINK posted by Carolyn Zenoniani on Thursday, February 27, 1997

The family I am researching is John HAMAKER or HAMMACHER. He was born 15JUN1830 in Jefferson Co., PA. He died 29Oct1912 in Gross, Crawford Co.,KS. He married Mary Jane SINK, born 6JUN1835. She was born in Georgetown, Beaver Co., PA. They had 13 children and 11 of them were born in Reynoldsvilleaccording to information handed down by the family. The last 2 children wereborn in Eldorado, Butler Co., KS. Their child William Wallace HAMAKER, born22JUN1871 is the branch I am tracing.I have no documentaion of these births and deaths, no marriage date & placefor John and Mary Jane, and I do not know the names of their parents.


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