Pennsylvania Marriages, 1788

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American Marriages for 1788

Compiled from Newspapers of 1788-9.

Pennsylvania - 1788.

Philadelphia - Capt. Casper Wistar to Miss Isabella Marshall.
Philadelphia - Peter Stephen due Ponceau to Miss Ann Perry.
Philadelphia - Dr. John Foulke to Miss Polly Parker.
Philadelphia- Jacob R. Howell, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Burge.
Philadelphia - Jacob Peter to Miss Sarah Weiss.
Philadelphia - Daniel Depuy to Miss Pollv Meredith.
Philadelphia - John Caldwell to Miss Caldwell, daughter of Samuel Caldwell.
Philadelphia - Santuel Fox to Miss Sarah Pleasants.
Philadelphia - D. Sargeant to daughter of David Rittenhouse.
Reading - Daniel Clymer to Miss Polly Widner.

SOURCE: Vol, 4, No 5, May 1914 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry