Some early Will extracts, Cumberland and Lancaster Counties

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(From Original Records)

Joseph Flickinger, Cocalico township, Lancaster Co., Penn.. 31 December, 1828, 27 February, 1829.

wife Catherine
son Jacob
son Joseph
son Samuel
son Henry

Joseph McClure, Cumberland Co., Penn., 14 April, 1778, 15 November, 1780.

my loving mother
sister Ann
sister Martha
sister Frances
brother-in-law John Douglass
brother-in-law Hugh Chayne

Robert McClure, Cumberland Co., Penn., 20 September, 1792, 16 October, 1792.

eldest son William
son Robert
brother William
daughter Jane
daughter Margaret
daughter Mary
daughter Agnes
daughter Elizabeth
daughter-in-law, Sarah, widow of Alexander

John Reist, Warwick township, Lancaster Co., Penn., 19 October, 1807, 30 January, 1813.

son John
son Peter
son Abraham
son Christian
three daughters
son-in-law, Christian Hostetter

Abraham Reist, Sr., Warwick township, Lancaster Co., Penn.. 17 August, 1810, 16 March, 1813.

son Abraham
son John
daughter Nancy
daughter Elizabeth
daughter Christian
daughter Barbara, wife of Christian Bamberger

John Resh, Strasburg township, Lancaster Co., Penn., 28 November, 1767.

wife Anna
eldest son Peter
son John (under 21)
son-in-law Henry Musser
son-in-law Peter Musser   

SOURCE:  Vol. VII, No 7, July 1917 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry