Fox Family Marriages

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Fox, Joseph and Desire Easton, 16 October, 1783, Morris Co.. N. J.
Fox, Edward J. and Cora L. Marsh, 9 October, 1888, Schooley's Mountain, N. J.
Fox, George and Hannah Van Buskirk, 18 May, 1850, Passaic Co., N. J.
Fox, Louise Morton and Dewitt C. Ivins, 29 October, 1885, Plainfield, N.J.
Fox, Mary and John Rasbury, 6 July, 1774, Penn. State Licence.
Fox, Francis and Sarah Thompson, 20 June, 1775, Penn. State Licence.
Fox, Mary and John Hoe, 19 April, 1802, Phila., Penn.
Fox, Elsa and Moses Bennett, 21 February, 1805, Phila., Penn.
Fox, Dana and Jane Strong, 24 April 1824, Montrose, Penn.
Fox, Elizabeth H. and Joseph P. Norris, 20 May, 1790, Philadelphia, Pa.

SOURCE:  Vol. VI, No 10, October 1916 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry