YMCA Honor Roll World War I

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YMCA Honor Roll


Branum, Virginia L.     Sewickley, Pa.
Social Worker, Died Lamalou-les-Bains (Herault), March 30, 1919, of meningitis. Secretary, Lamalou-les-Bains.  Born, Feb. 12, 1892. Sailed, Nov. 20, 1918.  Place of burial, Lamalou Cemetery.  Next of kin, P. D. Branum, father,  227 Thorn St.,  Sewicklley, Pa.

Brubaker, Elizabeth A.    Lancaster, Pa.
Stenographer and Bookkeeper.  Died, Paris-American Hospital, Neuilly, Oct. 28, 1919, result of operation.  Secretary, Hotel Accounting Department, Headquarters, Paris.  Born, Dec. 15, 1877.  Sailed, Feb. 8, 1919.  Place of burial, YMCA plot, American Cemetery, Suresnes-sur-Seine.  Next of kin, Mrs. H. P. Smith, sister, 131 E. Lemon St., Lancaster, Pa.

Gibson, Harry B.         Avalon, Pa.
Traffic Manager.  Killed, Argonne front near Sedan, Nov. 7, 1918, by German shell.  Secretary, 16th Infantry, 1st Division, AEF.  Born, May 8, 1882.  Sailed, Dec. 7, 1917.  Place of burial, South of Sedan, near Bourmont.  Next of kin, Mrs. H. B. Gibson, wife, 307 Clevelenad Av., Avalon, Pa.

Guth, Pierce P.     Allentown, Pa.
Bookkeeper.  Died, LaRochelle, Oct. 21, 1918, of pneumonia.  Accountant, Headquarters, La Rochelle.  Born, July 20, 1882.  Sailed, Aug. 15, 1918.  Place of burial, grave 30, American Section, St. Elor Cemetery, La Rochelle.  Next of kin, Mrs. Pierce P. Guth, wife, 18 N. 13th St., Allentown, Pa.

Hosie, Eugenie C.          Scranton, Pa.
Died, Base Hospital 40, Liverpool, England, March 4, 1919, of pneumonia.  En route to Paris.  Born, Oct. 16, 1887.  Sailed, Jan. 30, 1919.  Place of burial.  Southern Cemetery, Manchester, England.  Next of kin, Mrs. S. B. Price, mother, 1727 Washington Ave., Scranton, Pa.

Kime, Claude V.     Ridgway, Pa.
Designer. Died, Evacuation Hospital 21, Bazoilles-sur-Meuse (Vosges), Geb. 5, 1919, of pneumonia.  Secretary, Gondrecourt.  Born, Dec. 8, 1870.  Sailed, Nov. 12, 1918.  Place of burial, grave 490, AEF Cemetery 6, Bazoilles-sur-Meuse.  Next of kin, Mrs. R. V. Kime, mother, 200 South St., Ridgway, Pa.

Lueders, Jean (Mrs. Lewis B.)    Philadelphia, Pa.
Died at sea on the S. S. Northland, Oct. 10, 1918, of pneumonia.  En route to Paris.  Born, May 16, 1882.  Sailed, Oct. 3, 1918.  Buried at sea.  Next of kin, Annie M. Munro, sister, 26 Albany St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

Pace, Roy B.         Swarthmore, Pa.
Teacher.  Died, Base Hospital 43, Blois, Aug. 27, 1918, of pneumonia.  Secretary, Blois.  Sailed, May 26, 1918.  Place of burial, grave 32, Plot Q, American Section, City Cemetery, Blois.  Next of kin, Mrs. R. B. Pace, wife, 1819 G. St., Washington, D. C.

Pritchett, Robert S.         Philadelphia, Pa.
Minister, Drowned, Dar-es-Salam Harbor, German East Africa, Sept. 24, 1918.  Secretary, Negro troops, Dar-es-Salam.  Born, May 13, 1886.  Sailed, July 15, 1917.  Place of burial, Dar-es-Salam.  Next of kin, James A. Pritchett, father, 818 Walnut St., Wilmington, Del.

Walsh, George H.        Philadelphia, Pa.
Salesman.  Died at Queenstown, Ireland, U. S. Naval Hospital 4, Oct. 18, 1918, of influenza.  Secretary, Queenstown, Ireland.  Born, 1883.  Sailed, Sept. 2, 1918.  Place of burial, Philadelphia, Pa. Next of kin, S. H. Walsh, father, 203 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Woodhead, Howard           Pittsburgh, Pa.
Teacher.  Died at St. Germain-en-Laye (Seine-st-Oise), June 8, 1919, of pneumonia.  Secretary, Foyer du Soldat, St. Germain-en-Laye.  Born, 1877. Sailed, March 30, 1918.  Place of burial, grave 867, YMCA Section, Arne Cemetery, Suresnes-sur-Seine.  Next of kin, Mrs. H. Woodhead, wife, 2131 North St., Logansport, Ind.

Zinn, Jeanette                 York, Pa.
Buyer.  Died, Moseley Hill Hospital, Liverpool, England, Oct. 4, 1918, of pneumonia.  En route to Paris.  Sailed, Sept. 1, 1918.  Born, May 27, 1892.  Place of burial, United States.  Next of kin, Mr. William Zinn, father, 452 West College Ave. York, Pa.

Home Camps

Burton, Walter A.    Halsted, Pa.
Died, Pelham Bay Park, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1918, of pneumonia.  Building Secretary, Naval Reserve, Pelham Bay Park.  Born, 1878.  Next of kin, Mrs. W. A. Burton, wife, Halsted, Pa.

Francher, John E.        Pittsburgh, Pa.
Teacher.  Died, Camp Merritt, N. J., Sept. 10, 1918, of pneumonia.  Educational Secretary, Auditorium, Camp Merritt.  Born, 1879.  Next of kin, Mrs. J. E. Fancher, wife, 1143 Biltmore Av., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Hoagland, Amos N.        Oxford, N. J.
Physical Director.  Died, Oxford, N. J., Oct. 17, 1918, of influenza.  Awaiting sailing.  Born 1884.  Next of kin, Mrs. A. N. Hoagland, wife, care of W. K. La Bar, Stroudsburg, Pa.

Potter, James V.            Mt. Morris, Pa.
Minister.  Died, Mt. Morris, Pa., Nov. 24, 1918, of pneumonia.  Awaiting sailing.  Born, 1884.  Next of kin, Mrs. J. V. Potter, wife, Mt. Morris, Pa.

Yaeger, Charles        Mount Carmel, Pa.
R. R. Inspector.  Died, Crouse Irving Hospital, Syracuse, N. Y., of pneumonia.  Assistant Secretary, Camp Syracuse.  Born, 1887.  Next of kin, Mrs. Charles Yaeger, wife, 115 N. Maple St., Mount Carmel, Pa.

The following is a list of men and women wounded or gassed under fire.
This list is based upon medical reports, insurance statements or the statements made by the individual on release sheets.

Barker, Mandeville, J., Jr.    Uniontown, Pa.

Bartholomew, Herbert O.    Brookbille, Pa.

Haney, Harvey S.        Quakertown, Pa.

Jones, Victor R.        Easton, Pa.

Patton, John W.        Anderson, Pa.

Prettyman, William B    Pittsburgh, Pa.

Sayers, Charles        Lancaster, Pa

Toulon, Homer V.        Philadelphia, Pa

Wharton, Henry        Philadelphia, Pa.

Source: Summary of World War Work of the American YMCA; The International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations; 1920.