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William Oldham moved to Shade township in 1827. At that time every aspect of the surrounding country was exceedingly wild; there were no public roads; the nearest neighbor lived six miles distant; school and church were eight miles away.

Mr. Oldham was an expert hunter and captured many bears and wolves. He once shot seven wolves in one day. After killing six, he took a torch, went into the den of the wolves, drove out the seventh and shot it. Mr. Oldham and a neighbor once killed nine deer in one day.

On one occasion he saw a large black bear in the woods. Creeping within ten rods of it, he leveled his rifle and fired. The bear ran directly toward the hunter and went several rods past him. Then turning sharply around, he came again toward Mr. Oldham, who ran to climb a tree. Just as the bear came up to the tree he dropped down dead, greatly to the relief of Mr. Oldham.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)