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Among the early settlers of Turkeyfoot were the Hannas, who located where Harnedsville now is. The last of the old stock, Maj. Alexander Hanna, died in 1881, aged seventy-nine. He was a noted character in his day. Of a bright intellect and remarkable physical strength, he performed deeds of almost superhuman power. He was a noted wrestler, and, though never aggressive, was a dangerous antagonist when excited. It is related of him that he once had a feud of many years’ standing with a family in Addison township. One day the young men of the family, five in number, attacked him at a muster in 1828, and provoked a fight. The major handled the young men as though they were sticks. After one of them had cut him so badly that his entrails protruded, the wrangle was brought to a conclusion by some of the witnesses.

At another time, when the National pike was building, some young men, who were jealous of the major’s reputation and wished to test his courage, fastened a bear in a dark pen and dared Hanna to enter. He went in, and when the bear attacked him, struck the animal with his fist and broke its jaw.

Hanna served many years as justice of the peace, and was also major of militia and brigade inspector. Maj. Hanna weighed two hundred and forty pounds when eighteen years of age. Among other well- attested feats which he performed was the lifting of a casting weighing fourteen hundred pounds.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)