Fairhope Township

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<center><strong>HISTORY OF THE TOWNSHIP</strong></center>
Fair Hope township was formed in 1891, out of adjoining parts of Northampton, Southampton and Allegheny townships, and was named after the village of Fairhope. It was the last township created and also the smallest in Somerset County.

The first settlers and early history of this township cannot easily be separated from that of its parent townships. Its physical features are about the same and the lumbering business is of considerable importance. The township also has extensive deposits of the best fire clay and millions of all kinds of fire brick are manufactured in the township.

The principal villages are Fairhope and Williams.

The area of Fairhope township is 8,409 acres or about 13 square miles. In 1930 it contained 10 farms and had a population of 207 persons. <br>

<center><strong>TOWNS &amp; VILLAGES</strong></center>
<strong>Fairhope</strong> is a small village located southwest of the central part of the township. It was laid out after the close of the Civil War. It received its name from the fact that its citizens had good prospects of a railroad being built through the village.

<strong>Williams</strong>, in the southeastern part of the township, is a small village on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. A brick plant was established at Williams by the Savage Fire Brick Company in 1892. The plant of Welsh, Gloninger &amp; Maxwell has also been operated here for about the same length of time. Millions of all kinds of fire brick are manufactured at these works every year and employment is given to many men.<br>

(Source: combined info from the county histories of 1906 and 1932.