Larimer Township

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<center><strong>HISTORY OF THE TOWNSHIP</strong></center>Larimer township was formed in 1854 out of adjoining parts of Greenville and Northampton townships. It was named for Gen. William Larimer who was president of the Pittsburg &amp; Connellsville Railroad Company at that time. Its natural features are generally rugged and uneven with much that is mountainous and a small amount of bottomland. Agriculture and lumbering are the principal industries. No important mineral resources have yet been developed.

Few farms were settled early as the rugged features of the locallity were not especially attractive to the pioneers. Jonathan Long came to this township, probably as early as 1783, and settled on 800 acres, making the first improvement in the northern part of the township. He died and was buried on the farm. Another early settlers were Richard Geirger, probably contemporary with Long, and Daniel Lepley.

Most of the improvements in this township have been made within the last fifty years, and nearly all of the farms are occupied by those who have move here from the older settled portions of the county. Along Will\'s creek was one of the earliest routes of travel, and it was over this road that Braddock\'s army passed in its memorable expedition of 1755. The remains of a rude fortification or breastworks are still to be seen at a point on Will\'s creek, near the center of Larimer township. This defense was supposed to have been constructed by Braddock\'s forces.

The principal towns and villages are Sand Patch, a railway station; Wittenburg and Deal.

The area of the township is 12,779 acres or about twenty square miles. It contained 64 farms and had a population of 528 persons in 1930.

(Source: Partially extracted from History of Bedford, Somerset &amp; Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)

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