Berlin G.A.R.

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Mark Collins Post, No. 344, G.A.R., was organized at Berlin June 21, 1883, with the following officers and charter members:
Rev. H. F. Keener, P.C.
A. D. Floto, S.V.C.
C. C. Ball, J.V.C.
J. Krissinger, Adjt.
Samuel Imhoff, Surg.
James Alton, Chap.
A. K. Johnson, Q.M.
W. H. Bender, O.D.
Henry Gessner, O.G.
Joseph Baldwin, S.M.
Jeremiah Hartman, Q.M.S.
Conrad Keim
Ludwig Koob
Samuel Ferrell
William J. Penn
Charles Dively
Joseph Imhoff
Membership in July, 1883, twenty.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)