Baltimore & Cumberland Coal Company

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The Baltimore and Cumberland Coal Company (limited) was organized in 1876. The original members of the company were:
J. J. Hoblitzell, chairman
W. T. Hoblitzell, secretary and treasurer
James Dorsey and Mrs. S.I. Brown, of Pittsburgh
In 1879 Dorsey sold his interest to J. J. Hoblitzell, of Meyersdale, and E. K. Hyndman, of Pittsburgh.

This company operates two mines. The Central mine, located on Grassy run, in Elk Lick township, has a productive capacity of about six hundred tons daily. It is worked by drift mining. The coal vein is nine feet in thickness. The Hoblitzell mine, two miles east of Meyersdale, in Summit township, is worked by slope mining. Four veins from three to five feet in thickness are being worked. Capacity, two hundred tons per day. The number of employees of this company, is about eighty.

W.T. Hoblitzell is general bookkeeper both of the Savage Firebrick Company and the mining company. In partnership with his brother, George M., he also conducts stores at Hyndman, Keystone and Williams.’

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