Edgewood Farm

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The farm now known as the “Edgewood Farm” was entered by Peter Amhay, in 1773, who erected the first house on the property. His death occurred in December, 1804. The property next came into the possession of his youngest son, Joseph. He disposed of the property to Maj. Jos. Imhoff, the county sheriff, in 1832. Maj. Imhoff erected the present buildings from plans furnished by a Pittsburgh architect, and they were then considered the best buildings in the county. In the spring of 1882 ex-sheriff Oliver Kneper, being then owner of the property, remodeled and enlarged the house and converted it into a summer boarding-house. In the spring of 1883 Mr. Kneper disposed of the property to S. S. Schrock and G. M. Johnson, the present owners. The location is one of the most desirable in the vicinity of Somerset, now so well known as a summer resort. It is easy of access from the Somerset & Cambria and South Pennsylvania railroads.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)