Attorneys of Somerset County 1851-1883

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The names of present members are designated by an asterisk:
Alexander H. Coffroth,* admitted, February 3, 1851.
Thomas F. Brooke, admitted February 4, 1851.
James W. Black, admitted February 4, 1851.(James W. Black removed to the State of Missouri.)
James W. Logan, admitted November 10, 1851.
William H. Koontz,* admitted November 10, 1851.
Henry B. Woods (Adams county, Pennsylvania), admitted June 13, 1852.
George W. Benford, admitted March 25, 1853.
Alexander Stutzman, admitted March 25, 1853.
Cyrus Meyers, admitted February 6, 1854.
Robert R. Roddy, admitted April 24, 1854.
James O\'Connor, admitted April 24, 1854.
A. J. Colborn,* admitted February 5, 1855,
Benjamin F. Meyers, admitted November 12, 1855.
Lewis Lichty, admitted November 16, 1855.
Cyrus Elder, admitted June 13, 1856.
Herman L. Baer,* admitted June 13, 1856.
Benjamin F. Stutzman, admitted June 13, 1856.
Henry G. Baer, admitted June 13, 1856.
O. H. Gaither, admitted September 15, 1857. (0. H. Gaither died of wounds received in the seven days\' fight, in Virginia, war of 1861-5)
William A. Ogle, admitted September 15, 1857.
John O. Kimmel,* admitted September 15, 1857.
Valentine Hay,* admitted April 26, 1858.
George Lobingier, admitted November 18, 1859.
Elias Cunningham, admitted May 15, 1860. (Elias Cunningham is a resident of Somerset, though not in practice. For years he has been connected with the revenue office of the district of which Edward Scull, Esq., is the chief.)
John H. Uhl,* admitted March 12, 1861.
A. Thomson Ankeny, admitted March 12, 1861. (A. Thomson Ankeny, a native of the town of Somerset, is now a prominent attorney in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.)
Chauncey F. Black, admitted April 23, 1861.
George F. Baer, admitted April 26, 1864.
Charles A. Gaither, admitted April 26, 1864. (Charles A. Gaither now resides in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania.)
James C. Postlethwaite, admitted February 5, 1867.
Thomas J. Grier, admitted May 9, 1867.
Francis J. Kooser,* admitted September 18, 1867.
Henry Black, admitted November 23, 1868. (Henry Black, a son of Judge Jeremiah S. Black, was born in Somerset, Pennsylvania. He read law in the office of his father, and was admitted to the bar in 1868.)
James B. Gaither, admitted February 16, 1869. (James B. Gaither resides in the city of Philadelphia.)
Israel F. Raudebaugh, admitted May 5, 1871.
Paul H. Gaither, admitted November 26, 1872. (Paul H. Gaither is a resident of the town of Latrobe, Pennsylvania.)
William H. Ruppel,* admitted November 26, 1872.
John G. Ogle,* admitted February 20, 1873. (John G. Ogle, a son of Hon. A. J. Ogle, was born in the town of Somerset, Pennsylvania, March 25, 1851. He read law in the office of Francis J. Kooser, Esq., and on February 20, 1873, was admitted to practice.)
James L. PUGH,* admitted May 4, 1874.
Lewis C. Colborn,* admitted May 7, 1874.
John R. Scott,* admitted April 4, 1876.
A. Bruce Coffroth, admitted April 4, 1876.
Edward B. Scull,* admitted July 12, 1877.
Harry S. Endsley,* admitted August 7, 1878. (Harry S. Endsley, born September 26, 1854, at Brownsville, Fayette county, Pennsylvania; was educated at Canton, Ohio. Afterward he read law in the office of Hon. William H. Koontz. He resided at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, until one year after attaining his majority.)
Samuel U. Trent,* admitted November 11, 1878.
George R. Scull,* admitted August 29, 1879.
Edgar H. Baer, admitted August 29, 1879.
N. I. Potter, admitted April 26, 1880.
Robert F. Patterson, admitted August 28, 1880.
Milton J. Pritts,* admitted August 23, 1881.
Dennis Meyers,* admitted November 14, 1881.
Parker Y. Kimmel,* admitted April 25, 1882.
Frederick W. Biesecker,* admitted August 28, 1882.
James B. O\'Conner, admitted June 8, 1883.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)