Attorneys of Somerset County 1821-1850

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The names of present members are designated by an asterisk:
Thomas S. Smith, admitted February 26, 1821.
Horatio N. Weigley, admitted May 27, 1822. (Horatio N. Weigley was a son of Joseph Weigley. He finally discarded law and adopted the medical profession.)
Charles Ogle, admitted May 28, 1822.
Samuel G. Bailey, admitted August 27, 1822. (Samuel G. Bailey was a native of New Hampshire, and an early friend and neighbor of President Pierce. After residing here for many years and serving as deputy attorney-general, he removed to the city of Alton, Illinois, where he died.)
Stewart Steel, admitted August 29, 1825.
John H. Williams (Greensburg, Pennsylvania), admitted December 5, 1825.
James Todd (Uniontown, Pennsylvania.), admitted December 6, 1825.
William H. Postlethwaite, admitted December 26, 1826. (William H. Postlethwaite, who died a resident of Somerset, came here from Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. He married a daughter of James Carson, Esq., who still survives. He was a gentleman highly esteemed. He served two terms as prothonotary.)
Jeremiah S. Black, admitted December 2, 1830.
John Myers, admitted August 31, 1831. (John Myers, after residing in Somerset for a number of years, removed to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where he died.)
Darwin Phelps, admitted September 2, 1831.
Moses Hampton, admitted, date unknown. (Hon. Moses Hampton came here from Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He finally removed to Pittsburgh, where he became a president judge. He died in Pittsburgh.)
Joseph Williams, admitted, date unknown.
Joshua F. Cox, admitted October 16, 1832. (Hon. Joshua F. Cox came to this county from Ohio. He first engaged in merchandising in the town of Salisbury, but soon afterward removed to Somerset, where he was admitted to the bar and became a prominent lawyer. He represented this district in the state legislature one or two terms. He died in Bedford, but was buried in Somerset)
Alexander H. Miller, admitted December 2, 1835.
Samuel W. Pearson, admitted December 2, 1835. (Samuel W. Pearson was first an actor, afterward a teacher, a clerk at Harrisburg and Washington. An erratic, genial fellow, and also a musician. He died at Buckstown but a year or so ago.)
Samuel Gaither,* admitted January 31, 1838.
Francis M. Kimmel, admitted March 19, 1839.
Simon Gebhart, admitted March 19, 1839. (Simon Gebhart removed to Dayton, Ohio, a number of years ago, where he still resides.)
John R. Edie,* admitted April 28, 1840.
Isaac Hugus,* admitted April 28, 1840.
Samuel S. Austin, admitted, date unknown.
Daniel Weyand, admitted July 19, 1841.
Charles H. Heyer, admitted April 26, 1842. (Charles H. Heyer removed to Cambria county. Soon after he enlisted as a volunteer during the Mexican war. In Mexico he contracted a disease, of which he died after returnng.)
Ross Forward, admitted January 31, 1843.
Andrew J. Ogle, admitted April 25, 1843.
Joseph J. Stutzman, admitted September 6, 1843.
Edward Scull,* admitted August 31, 1846.
Amos Steck (Westmoreland county), admitted September 18, 1846.
Robert L. Stewart, admitted February 10, 1847. (Robert L. Stewart was born in the town of Somerset. He was elected prothonotary of the county in 1848. He finally became the publisher of a newspaper at Gallipolis, Ohio, where he died.)
Joseph F. Loy, admitted August 31, 1847. (Joseph H. Loy removed to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and died there.)
John D. Roddy, admitted August 31, 1847. (John D. Roddy is a present resident of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Hezekiah P. Hite, admitted August 31, 1847. (Hezekiah P. Hite was a native of Stoystown. He enlisted as a volunteer during the Mexican war, and died in service near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.)
Henry F. Schell,* admitted August 31, 1847.
William J. Baer,* admitted May 7, 1849.
Cyrus L. Pershing, admitted November 12, 1850.
James H. Ogle, admitted August. 27, 1850.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA: 1884)