Addison Township Methodist Episcopal Churches

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<center><strong>Newbury Methodist Episcopal Church</strong></center>This church was organized in Addison township at an early date. Among the leading members were: Edward Kemp, John Kemp, John Heston and John Forshey. A house of worship was erected in 1812, and occupied until 1834, when it was torn down. Among the preachers were: Revs. Robert Hanna, John White, James Wilson, John Everhart, Robert Boyd, Jacob Snyder and others.

<center><strong>Silbaugh Methodist Episcopal Church</strong></center>Between 1825 and 1830 a Methodist class was formed by William Silbaugh, James Boardman and others. Worship was held in private houses and schoolhouses until 1879, when a frame meeting-house was erected, at a cost of about nine hundred dollars. The church was built under the administration of Rev. J. B. Taylor and Rev. F. B. Murray. William Silbaugh, Jonas McClintock, John Daniels, James Y. McClintock, Isaiah Silbaugh and Josiah McClintock were appointed trustees. The present membership is about twenty-four in the church and forty-five in the sabbath school.

<center><strong>Somerfield Methodist Episcopal Church</strong></center>The house of worship belonging to this congregation was erected in 1842. It is a frame building and cost one thousand dollars. The first minister was Rev. John L. Irwin; first trustees Dr. William Fry, James Black, Zalmon Luddington, Joshua Johnson, Joseph S. Hagans, Rev. John Bowlin and John Easter. The present membership is about eighty; sabbath-school pupils, about forty.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset &amp; Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)