Addison Township Churches

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<center><strong>Brethren</strong></center>Savage congregation, of the Brethren or German Baptists, worships in a frame meeting-house, erected in the eastern part of the township in 1881 at a cost of about twelve hundred dollars. The first ministers of this church were: Jonathan Kelso, bishop
Nathaniel Merrill
John Meyers
L. A. Peck
Samuel Miller
Samuel Moss
Joel Nagy
Edward Hostetler
Daniel Fike
J. W. Peck.
This is a branch of the Elk Lick church, and has forty members.

<center><strong>Disciples</strong></center>The Disciples’ church, in Addison, was erected in 1879; under the direction of Elder Hiram A. Hartzell. The first minister, Elder D. L. Kincaid, has been succeeded by Elders Ryan and Larimer. The present membership is about one hundred and fifteen; sabbath- school pupils, about seventy-five.

<strong><center>Evangelical Association</center></strong>The church of the Evangelical Association, at Harnedsville, was built in 1876, at a cost of about six hundred dollars. The first minister was Rev. Mr. White. Noah Bird is the principal church officer. The congregation is small.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset &amp; Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)