Amish & Mennonite

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This denomination has had an organization in the southern part of the county from the earliest settlement; no records have been kept. Among the old members were Daniel Hershberger, Jacob Kinsinger, Joel Miller, John Stephanus, William Bender and Deacon Elias Hershberger. The present ministers are M.J. Beachy, Daniel Hershberger, Elias Yoder and Daniel Lee. All the early meetings were held in private houses, many opposing the erection of churches. The present meeting- house was built in 1881, at a cost of one thousand dollars. The church has about eighty members.

The Mennonite congregation, which worships in a meeting- house two miles northwest of Salisbury, was organized in 1854 by John and Jacob Keim. The Keims, Livengoods and Folks were the principal members. The first deacons were John Folk and William Livengood. Henry Blough has been the preacher from the organization to the present time. The meeting- house, erected in 1854, cost about six hundred dollars. The. church has about twenty members.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset &amp; Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)