Brethren (German Baptists)

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Elk Lick congregation of the Brethren or German Baptists is situated in Elk Lick and Addison townships. It was formed as a separate congregation in 1877, the original, or Elk Lick, congregation being divided into three organizations— Elk Lick, Summit and Meyersdale.

The first church officers were:
Jonathan Kelso, bishop; Nathaniel Merrill and Silas C. Keim, elders.
S. J. Livengood, S. J. Lichty and J. W. Beachy, deacons.
The pastors have been: Jonathan Kelso, N. Merrill, S. C. Keim; the latter died in 1882.
The present ministers are: J. Kelso, N. Merrill, Lewis Peck and N. George Peck.
The earliest and most prominent lay members of the church at the organization were:
S. C. Lichty
John Peck
Joseph Maust
Jacob Livengood
John Wright
J. W. Beachy
A. P. Beachy
J. J. Keim
Samuel J. Lichty
S. J. Livengood.

The first meeting- house was erected in 1848, at a cost of six hundred dollars. The present churches are two: the first, built in West Salisbury in 1878, at a cost of three thousand two hundred dollars; the second, built in Addison township in 1881, at a cost of twelve hundred dollars. The congregation numbers one hundred and eighty- five members. There are two sabbath schools— West Salisbury with one hundred scholars and Addison with forty scholars.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)