St. John's Reformed & Lutheran Church

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St. John’s Reformed and Lutheran church, near Lambertsville, was organized by J. K. Bricker, in 1857. Most of the original members were Sipes. The first church officers were: Abraham Lambert and John Sipe, elders; Adam Grimm and Joseph Sipe, deacons. The pastors have been:
Rev. J. K. Bricker,
Rev. J. Beaver
Rev. J. B. Crist
Rev. A. R. Height
Rev. J. K. Bricke
Rev. R. Smith
Rev. J. H. Walterick
Rev. J. L. Miller
Rev. J. B. Shoup
Rev. J. N. Unruh

The church, built in 1849, cost seven hundred and fifty dollars. The church is at present joint Lutheran and Reformed. The Lutherans intend erecting a church for themselves soon. The present number of church members is ninety-eight. There are ninety sabbath-school scholars and teachers.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)