Amity Reformed Church

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Amity Reformed church, Meyersdale, was organized about 1851, by Rev. Henry Knepper. Among the original members and officers were the following:
Elder C.M. Hicks
Samuel Foust
Eliza Hicks
A.M. Sheetz
Elizabeth Sintrock
Harriet Miller
Lisetta Scheuber
Levi Heckert
Rebecca Heckert
The pastors have been Revs:
Henry Knepper
A.B. Koplin
W.A. Gring
George A. Fickes
John McConnell
A.B. Koplin
A.C. Geary
L.D. Steckel
John M. Schick

The first house of worship was a union church, erected by the Reformed and Lutheran congregations. In 1875 it was purchased by the Reformed congregation for one thousand five hundred dollars, and repaired at a cost of seven hundred dollars. Church members, two hundred and thirty-seven; sabbath-school scholars, one hundred and sixty.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)