Bethel United Brethren

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The Bethel United Brethren church, Paint township, was organized by Rev. Daniel Shank, in 1858. The first members were:
David J. Lehman and wife
William Dempsey and wife
Philip Moyer and wife
John Livingston and wife
John D. Blough and wife

The pastors to date have been as follows:
Rev. Daniel Shank
Rev. Joseph Potts
Rev. Joshua Reynolds
Rev. William Long
Rev. Daniel Brinkel
Rev. Jackson
Rev. John Felix
Rev. William Beighley
Rev. Cicero Wartman
Rev. Justice Pershing
Rev. David Speck
Rev. A.E. Fulton

The house of worship, erected in 1874, cost seven hundred dollars. The church is out of debt. Membership: church, forty-two; sabbath school, sixty.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties; 1884)