Brunerstown, Somerset County

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Around 1784 - 1785, Ulrick Bruner employed Harmon Husband, a surveyor, to plot a town of 36 blocks which would contain 144 lots.

Brunner planned on calling the village "Milford Town" but his neighbors always referred to it as Bruner's Town, and that is what it became.

The tract of land on which the larger part of Brunerstown was plotted was formerly owned by Harmon Husband who transferred it to the founder of the town, Ulrick Bruner. On September 24, 1787, Ulrick Bruner transferred this track of land to Adam Schneider by an Article of Agreement. The other part of Brunerstown was plotted on land belonging to Peter Ankeny.

In 1795, Brunerstown was selected to become the county seat and its name was changed to Somerset.